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Pirotezz / 12 Jan 3305
First day in freedom

I decided to work for myself only while I was in prison, still feel like I got set up by the client more or less with that smuggle run that ended me up with 8 years in a prison colony. This turned out to be a bit more slow process than I thought at first, not being able to do missions for the more reputable factions at the stations thanks to my prison record I am stuck with the less lawful factions.

Scanned down a few signal sources looking for some salvageable commodities but the only stuff I found was materials, which I picked up but they don't earn me any credits. Good for later if I manage to get in contact with some engineer that can modify my ship.

I don't really have the equipment for encouraging others to give up their cargo for me. Got a bit restless and though I would scare an Adder pilot to drop of some cargo that I possible could scoop and sell. My Sidewinder was not up to the task, ended up being almost blown to space dust. Managed to escape with three percentage hull left and some scary cracks in the cockpit windows.

Note to self, don't try that until you got a ship for it!

So with a crippled ship and hoping the cockpit wouldn't break apart I managed to make it to Blenkinsop Landing in LHS 3479 where I was able to repair the cockpit window and get my hull back up to 53% with 399 credits left. This is not going as envisioned when I was in prison.

Here I am with only 399 credits and a half broken ship, started to look at the mission board but decided to not give up so easy and went back out trying to find something I could salvage and sell.

Scanned down a combat aftermath signal where I got contacted by LTT 18486 Jet Energy Company that wanted help recovering a black box, but they only offered some reputation and no credits at all so I just denied their request and scooped the black box that I should be able to sell for 19 000 credits. They were not happy.

Finally some luck, set a course for Pavluo Depot on a nearby planet where I should be able to sell the black box. Got there without problems and going down towards the planet I remembered how beautiful the galaxy really is. Haven't seen that much the last 8 years, prison walls and dirty refineries.
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CMDR Pirotezz
Salvager / Pirate
12 Jan 3305
First day in freedom
11 Jan 3305
Released after 8 years
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