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A. Haptism / 12 Jan 3305
CMDR A. HAPTISM - LOG 013 - JAN 12, 3305

CMDR: A. Haptism
Date: January 12, 3305
Time: 2010UTC
Location: Tchernobog - Vancouver Ring
Subject: Distant Worlds 2: Countdown

It's been a while.

The last time I made a log, I had just purchased my Cutter, which I've officially registered as Eternal. Previously, this name belonged to my Clipper, but I've since changed it's active name to Ptolemaios. Beyond that, not much has happened. I've done a few random jobs, as well as some mining, but most of my time has been spent out of the pilot's seat. The reason for this is an event I'm sure everyone is already aware of- Distant Worlds 2.

Upon learning there was a massive expedition being organized, I decided to park all of my vessels and spend some time on solid ground. Being lazy, playing games, catching up on media. I figured since I'm going to likely spend the next several weeks out in deep space, it makes sense to take a break from flying so I don't get burned out into the trip. Admittedly, I struggled with choosing a ship to take- everyone always suggests the Anaconda, but I eventually decided to take the Eternal. I just can't argue with the prospect of getting to bask in the light of previously undiscovered stars.

The 24 hour notice has gone out, so I'm starting my prep. Getting supplies loaded onto the ship, ensuring everything is up to date and in ship shape. I also need to get a massive dump of media stored on the ships systems to fight off space madness.

I want to keep logs of my trip and update my logbook, so I'm hopeful that I will be making more frequent entires. As is the norm, though, I fully expect to procrastinate so it may be a bit. I'll at the least check-in before departure.

For now, though, I'm going to take a trip out to Sol. There's something I want to visit before we go.

Commander Haptism, signing off.
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