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Extremofire / 12 Jan 3305
State of the Legion: "Massive Conflict Erupts in Paresa; Admiral Lavigny Redirects Fleet"

Article from "State of the Legion", internal Lavigny's Legion newsletter. 12 Jan, 3305

The shadowy faction Nova Imperium has officially made a move with regards to combative conflict. In an attempt to garner even more public support for their intentions to replace Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval with Hadrian Duval, the Imperium has declared war on the system controllers, Yupini LTD. 

Paresa, a system of over six billion people, is now in a state of civic turmoil as the conflict rages on. NCN news crews were largely unable to enter Paresa space due to military cordons. 

Admiral Lucius Lavigny gave a speech early this Thursday issuing new orders to the Legion. "These traitors to the Empire have reared their ugly heads. My fellow Admiral, the great Denton Patreus of Eotienses, has rallied his massive Navy to stomp them out. Lavigny's Legion will follow suit. Whether or not this claim to the throne is legitimate, it will be a cold day on this bright side of New Carthage before we allow the Lavigny family to be wrestled of their control of the throne!"

Vexillarius Xander Vekk, accompanying a wing of our finest Cataphractoi at the launch pads on New Carthage, expressed his burning desire to enter the fray. "No quarter will be given to or asked of these traitorous scum. Not this time. Not again. Imperium ships that beg for mercy will be executed, traitors who eject are legitimate military targets, enemy pilots that attempt to flee the battlefield will be turned into atoms before their frame shift drives engage." Vekk's comments likely stem from his veterancy as a soldier of the conflicts regarding the terrorist cell Emperor's Dawn, a sect of self-proclaimed "loyal" Imperialists that assassinated former emperor Hengist Duval. Hunted to apparent extinction, it is suspected a few Dawn operatives are still alive and working to subvert the throne today. It is unknown whether the Imperium is related to Emperor's Dawn.

Preliminary reports indicate that the Imperium fleet is exorbitantly massive, exceeding 200,000 ships. Governor Peck has called this number "disgusting" in his press conference this morning.  

More on Governor Peck's HR 1475 press conference to follow in a few hours.

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