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Dargoid3302 / 13 Jan 3305
T-minus 18 hours

Damn, is it really just a bit more than half a day until the great Distant Worlds 2 Expedition starts? Am I really participating in it? It feels so unreal that I doubt myself even, but first, let me tell you a little story:

Back in 3302, when I started as a pilot fresh out of flight school, heck, even during flight school, I've been hearing tales of the legendary pioneers which embarked on a very long journey to the end of our Milky Way galaxy, called Beagle Point, boasting thousands upon thousands of lightyears of travel through plenty of pretty, and sometimes, dangerous sights.
That made me think "I want to be one of them someday", so I tread the long and hard road to become a better pilot, get better ships and get wealthy enough to sustain the mainteneance and outfit costs of the various ships I own. I've been to plenty of pretty places, fought plenty of enemies and still survived, though sometimes staring death right in the eye and met plenty of interesting people along the way.
Some of those people are the ones I can call comrades, hell, even family that I've been with for over 2 years now.

Fast forward to about a month ago, I bought myself a shiny new Krait Phantom, the newest ship out of the Falcon DeLacy shipyards and immediately began preparations for the expedition I signed upon until just yesterday. She's outfitted with three SRVs, a AFMU and repair limpets to repair my hull in case I bump into someting and because I signed up as fleet mechanic alongside being a explorer to help other people in need that don't have the means to repair themselves.

Those sleek lines.....

There she is, the "SSV Emilia Maji Tenshi", named after one of my favorite anime characters from Japan back on Earth. That particular show she comes from aired back in the early 21st century (quite old, huh? )
Those kind of shows are produced even now in the 34th century and still boast a lot of fans, though those can be quite..... unique and I'm one of them
I've put plenty of manga, holo discs of plenty of shows and other stuff related to anime in every storage I could find to get my daily fix.

Enough prattling about Japanese media (for now), let's wrap this up, need to get a good night's sleep.

This is only the beginning of the great journey of Dargoid, until then, fly dangerous o7.

Dargoid over and out.
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CMDR Dargoid3302
Freelancer / Explorer
19 Jan 3305
Week 1
13 Jan 3305
T-minus 18 hours
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