Logbook entry

Chuckdm / 13 Jan 3305
Ready to rock and...um...fly?

NOTE: Apparently my ship build was hidden when I posted my previous entry.  Oops!  It's public now.


Four days since my previous entry and a few things have changed.  The Nebuchadnezzar is now a little lighter thanks to some last minute engineering and a downgrade to the thrusters and the power plant.  This increases my range from 33.57 - barrely above the 33.40 minimum that Distant Worlds 2 requires without Jumponium - to a much more comfortable 36.59.  The primary gain here is not another 2ly of range, but rather a sizable decrease in fuel consumed per jump.

Besides the engineering, my role in the expedition has also changed, from a Fuel Rat & Tour Guide, to a Tour Guide and Explorer.  This was not easy for me.  Ever since I first set out into the black in July 3304, I've wanted to join the Fuel Rats, but as someone who doesn't play in Open, that was never an option for me.  When I saw DW2 was including them in the FleetComm private group, I jumped at the opportunity.  In retrospect I should've jumped slower.  There are 2 main reasons I decided to drop out of the role.  First, it's hard and I'm lazy.  The dedication and professionalism these guys have to their craft is awe-inspiring.  There are Fortune 500 companies that dream of this level of productivity and cohesiveness across what is essentially a totally decentralized group of volunteers.  If the American Cancer Society had this, we would've cured every cancer in the 90's.  It's amazing.  Unfortunately, that professionalism and productivity comes from a very steep learning curve of a very rigid process.  The rats are very friendly and laid-back, but as someone who wanted to be one, I would rather just bow out now than try and fail to meet their standards.   The other reason I'm dropping out is a direct conflict between ratting and touring.  The Tour Guide role requires use of Multi-Crew, something that is forbidden for Fuel Rat rescues.  However, even if this rule might be bent for the purposes of DW2, there's the more immediate problem of ruining someone's day.  Either I have to take a tourist on an unplanned refueling trip, or I have to be unavailable to save someone in desperate need of fuel because I'm busy sightseeing.  Neither is a position I ever want to put anyone in.

So yeah...I am now a Tour Guide and Explorer.  I'm sure this is going to lead people to ask why the hell I'm still bringing both my fuel and repair limpets, and the short answer is what I've said before: never go into the black unprepared.  In the not-exactly-unlikely scenario that someone needs fuel and they're within a single jump, I'm not going to ignore their plight.  I may not be a Fuel Rat, but if someone needs 2 tons to limp to a star, or your hull is about to collapse on top of you, I'll be there as fast as I can.

After all, what good is it to traverse the whole damn galaxy if you have no friends to share it with when you arrive?

Anyhow, the Neb is now parked in a nice little spot in the shade, in the canyon near the rally point, about 17km away.  She'll rest up there while I take a very long nap, and when I wake up, I'll be moving out with the NA portion of FleetComm.  I can't wait to see you all there, CMDRs!  o7

EDIT: Anyone who is in the PG and wants to send me a friend request is welcome to!  I am hoping to be able to put together a wing, preferably with other tour guides who maybe don't have the same fuel and repair capabilities I do, so I can act as a support craft to my fellow tour guides.  Especially if you've got a Beluga or Orca and nobody in particular to pair up with, drop me a request!  Remember I'm bringing guns so I can also provide limited defense from any aliens we might encounter.
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