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MAD_DOG_MacD / 13 Jan 3305
One Day Before Distant Worlds 2

I am more excited about this than I have been for anything in quite a while. Just the opportunity to be a part of this Epic Adventure is amazing enough, but actually going ON IT is a whole new level.

90% of the Squadron have their ships docked at our Jump Off location for the Grand Event Tomorrow. This evening, we are simply doing our own thing or catching up on a last few items.

I've been flying around Pallaeni and noticed large amounts of unarmed ships floating in the area which would essentially be a Ganker/Griefers dream. A target rich environment with CMDR's taking a large risk being in the open, in a highly publicized System a day before launch, it's actually bordering on suicidal.

This is Deepwater Black, with the distinctive GalNet Logo identifying myself as a part of the Media Group. Tomorrow, she'll get her ultimate shakedown and I hope to see most of you along the way and at Beagle Point! Keep an eye on this section, daily updates with pics/vids will be daily before bunking down for the night.

CMDR MAD_DOG_MacD, Explorer/Reporter
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