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Kira Von Black / 13 Jan 3305
Report on Nova Imperium (3305-01-13)

one more day on the paradise... or should i say... hell...
i was geting prepared to go enter the cockpit of my ship on Dyson City, when i heard a call onto my communicator. it was Governor Millana:

"Mister Von Black... i need your help... ASAP" he said in a gasping tone

i rushed inside the station, and entered Nova Imperium's Office, the noises of blaster fire all over the place echoing the place. the door was closed shut... so i needed to kick it to enter the place. i got my blaster ready, when i saw 2 tatooed guys in a gunfire fight with Governor Milana, the bodies of his bodyguards on the floor, a giant pool of blood beneath them, furniture revolved and all over the place. i got into cover, breathed heavly, and decided to make my move... it was a good minute or two, but i managed to hit the assailants, and take them down. Governor Millana comes out of the furniture gasping for air, when he sees me...

"Mister Von Black... thank goodnes... if it wasn't for you..." he said...
"don't mention it, governor. i'm only doing my job as a law enforcer."
he comes and puts his hand on my shoulder  "i owe you this one..."... he hands me a card with the writing "Gutamaya" in it. he tells me that i would like what it was at the adress on the card. i clean myself and walked inside the station to the adress... it was a shipyard near docking bay 41. i get insidem and a friendly woman comes in my direction

"Mister Von Black, i suppose... i recieved the word from Milana that you would pay us a visit"

"i'm just an acquaintance of him. i don't work for Nova Imperium or anything... at least not on the frontlines..."

the woman giggles a little

"your reputation inside Dyson City is legendary, commander. Pearesii Consulate has high regards for you because of your courrier and exploration data. Yupini Limited, even tho knows you hate them, has some good recomendations from you. Nova Imperium almost considers you a hero of war, and with this last incident Governor Milana has moved some Sticks for you. he contacted us personally so we arranged a special offer just for you on our shipyard"

the woman gestured me to follow her inside the docks... the aesthetics of the place were terrific to say the least... i never saw such beautiful designs in my whole entire career as a law enforcer. she then stoped right in front of a big gate, claping her hads two times. the gate opened and inside of it, there was what appeared to be a ship covered with a nice goldish-yellow cloth. the workers arround the station pulled the cloth in elegance revealing a bright white ship. it looked like one of the models my great-grandfather used to fly on earth on the 21st century...i believe the name was Sukhoi or something... the lines of that spacehsip were amazing... it's like an atmospheric jet fighter from older times... the sculpture was of top quality... it was the most beautifull design i've ever saw...

"this beauty here, is the Imperial Courrier" the girl said in an euphoric voice "you're one lucky guy, my friend. Hadrian Duval himself ordered that we gave you a 95% off discount in one of those exclusive ships just for you. normally, an independent civilian couldn't even own one of those. Milana was already planning on give a permission so you could have acess to our exclusive line of imperial vessels, but since you saved Milana's life, he wanted us to fast track this just for you. the base ship will cost you 2 million credits, but Millana Himself ordered Law Enforcement exclusive upgrades just for you. it will tear apart pirate vessels like they were made of crepe paper. the whole package goes for 17 Million Credits. something i know a well reputable commander like you can anfford."

my jaw droped when she said the price: [17 million?! that's a steal...], i thought. my Viper MKIV costed almost the same and wasn't nearly half as good as the shiny ship advertised for me. without thinking twice i pulled my wallet, and tossed a black debit card to the girl.

"debit. whole payment."

she stoped for a moment without believing it... she came to me and said: "sure thing Mister Von Black. do you want a coffee while we finish the details on the insurance company?!"
"sure..." i said. i sited in one of the most confortable chairs that i've seen in my entire life while i waited the stuff to be done. Milana entered the big hangar with the girl, that was now holding some eletronic paper documents on hands. she hands me a leather folder coated with gold velvet. the same material i think that was made of the huge fabric that was enveloping the ship. i touched the folder and beholded the shiny ship that was waiting for me, just begging to be piloted.

"beautifull, isn't it?" Millana Said
"i've never seen anything like it"
"nah... that's not even our biggest and baddest ship here inside the imperial shipyards. but i guarantee you, she will tear up every ennemy you encounter with ease."
"governor Millana... i don't know how to thank you for..."
"Shush... this is a little thank you, for saving my life. i bet that Nina Branch and the Federation Bozos on Earth with their shoecrates can't even compare to this beauty right in front of you... they sweat with their big, bulky ships, and can't even catch pirates using Vultures and Fer-de-Lances. this one however... can pierce trough anything. a marvel of imperial engineering"
"is it really ok to get this, governor?"
"it's yours. you can take it wherever you want. it's an independent private vessel just for you."
"thank you... governor... i was thinking about the war and..."
Millana Smiled at me, while giving me a small slap on my back
"take your time to make your decision, Von Black. i'll not force ya... but... look... just between us... i'm not talking as an officer of Nova Imperium, or as a Governor, but as a friend: you saw the situation with your own eyes here at Paresa... Yupini is at our necks... we have some 400 ships, and that's it... it doesn't even compare to their strenght... and a lot of loyalists of Lavingy are coming at us... this is our predicament... again, you don't have to do this if you don't feel like it. but, if you want to, we would appreciate someone like you with our forces..."
"i need more time to think about it... truth is that... i came here to see this situation with my own eyes, governor... I knew Galnet, and Lavingy were spining things way out of proportion... i'd like to see your point of view... so i needed to stay unbiased..."
"i understand it Von Black, i really do. even in this day and age, rumors like the one that we were amassing troops led to this gruesome war. there is nothing wrong with what you're doing. follow your heart, and no matter what path you choose, just know that we're here for ya."
"thank you, governor"
"i have to get back to the office... need to sort that mess, ya know..." he said laughing as he exited the hangar.

i got up inside the cockpit of the new vessel. Vicky was there waiting for me as she was loaded from the systems, as she is my personal CO.V.AS. Nova imperium had reserved 35 slots on the station, so i could bring a small armada if i wanted to. kinda excessive if you ask me, but everything of the empire is excessive by definition. geting my first mission of the day, i headed out of the station, even the ATC had a different tone in his voice. like i was really part of their allied fleet already. he wished me good luck on my journey, and off i gone to Yupini system, to catch a criminal. geting there, i am confronted with my target. he is using a Fer-de-Lance, a Ship twice my size. "well, here goes..." i reluctantly deploy my hard points... the beam lasers screams just in front of me and the turreted multi cannons spits fire as my de-oriented target swirls arround in circles... his shields falls in 5 seconds, and the bullets flies from the cannons onto his ship... 80-60-30-10-0%... the rate of damage that little shiny ship could do was incredible... it was like it didn't even care for the shields of the poor fer-de-lance... it made minced meat of it. but then, a friend of my target, using a Pyton, came to crash my party... the guy had a very reinforced ship... and while we were having a fairly equilibred fight... he managed to EMP my engine, leaving me stranded at his mercy...

"MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY... Gutamaya Echo Romeo November, Catastrophic Engine Failure... engaged with pirate and with hull breaches... requesting support"
then, in a flash, a friend of mine that was in vacation appeared right in front of me... he was using an Imperial Cutter. the big sister of the Courrier. i saw him battle with the pirate while my rebbot was in progress...
"hey, Kira... long time no see... looks like you got a nice little jet fighter with ya"
"Thanks for the save" i said.
the two white vessels working togheter started to do some serious damage on the Python, he tried to escape surging his FSD, but the Cutter cannons were simply too much for the Poor Python... it wasn't long untill i saw that big behemoth explode into a million pieces. my friend and i got a claim bonus of 200 thousand credits alone, not counting the mission credits.
"you're here in this place because of the Nova Imperium Call?!" he asked
"i'm here as an Overseer" i've replied
"suuure... Overseer... with this Courrier?!" he said joking.
"knock it off... you know i'm here to do peace enforcement"
"i know, i know... just kidding. i'll need to get back to Shinrata Dezhra. call me if you get caught in another furball..." and like this, he high waked away from yupini system. i got back to Paresa for repairs... there was still questions in my head wether i should join Nova Imperium or not... i still don't like their isolationinst tendencies... but... i think i'm forming a bond with them... and i don't want them to disapear. i christened the Courrier as Ernesto Geisel. he was a Military President of the country where my great-grandfather lived... i heard a lot of histories about the guy... how he fought terrorists, and instituted some heavy policies to protect the population there at the time from the menace of terrorists. some called him a demon, because of his heaviest policy, the AI-5. but he was a good guy in my eyes. given his power and hardline, and comparing it to the extreme power of this little new member of my fleet, i think the name fits her perfectly.
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