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Kira Von Black / 15 Jan 3305
Report on Nova Imperium (3305-01-14): Breaking point

as i fly back from one more sucessfull mission of law enforcement... i hit my FSD, just for the entire ship to hit a complete shutdown. all systems turned off simultaneously... wich means i was in big trouble...
"what is wrong?! i just bought you"
"catastrophic failure on the power plant... alert... alert... ships incoming..."
"dammit... what now?!"
the comms suddenly enters into motion... it's a very bad signal, but i can hear the voice of the ships... and the microphone was on, so i could respond to them, at least...
"ah, mister Von Black... i must thank you for the other day..."
"who are you? identify yourself"
"do you think you're in position to make any demands?!"
Suddenly, lots and lots of gutamaya ships of all sizes surrounds my spacecraft. there was i dunno, 10 to 20 ships of various sizes all arround me.
" "i just wanted to do the right thing for once"... hahahaha... i cannot believe you fell for this, so easly...  yes, my ship at that day was all but doomed, but since you spared my life, i've managed to get a bigger and more menacing ship... just for you..."
"it's you... Michael Champbell... but i saved your life... why?!"
"like yourself, i am a bounty hunter and law enforcer of the real empire. i got a mission to deal personally with you from miss Arissa Lavingy... it's nothing personal,kid... like yourself, i do it for money."
"you doble-crossing bastard! Nova Imperium will hunt you to death once they find the wreckage of my ship!"
"they won't be able to do jack shit" suddenly a monitor image appears right onto my canopy... it is Dyson city, with a lot of Nova Imperium Soldiers fighting just outside the station "you see... there will be no rescue or burrial for you if there is no one to even do the rescue in the first place... hahaha... say your prayers..."

"Atention, Harpoint deployment detected on Ships arround this vessel" - Vitória screamed
"i know Vicky... i Know..." i try to punch the reboot/repair sequence of the courrier to no avail. the thing was simply glitching out all over the place
"Farewell... Overseer..."
before the Vessels could Fire However at my front an Imperial Cutter just apeared out of a low wake... from the communicators, a familiar voice appears
"All Units, protect this Vessel!"
suddenly a whole armada of Nova Imperium Vessels apears right in front of me... they already comes shooting at the assailants... their ships simply melting because of the beam lasers of my defenders
"Governor Millana"
"I Think we are even now..." he said laughing. "here... i'll tow your ship with a tractor beam... hang on... this gonna be a rough jump"
a Drone Limpet attached to my ship. an energy tetter formed between our ships... and the space arround me started to warp...
"Frame Shift drive Charging" Victória said... "4...3...2...1...engage..."
when we got back to Paresa... the Imperial Cutter apeared out of supercruise not on Paresa City, but on a small moon in the system...
"Dyson City is still surrounded by Yupini Limited Forces... they've put a bounty on your head... but it is an internal affair with Lavingy and the empire... so it cannot be paid..." - Millana Said
"so... this means..."
"yes... sorry for draging you up on this, Commander. i know it was not your intention... but... i think there is no choice now... i must ask you... do you want to fight for us?!"
"Yes, Governor. after what happened, i cannot deny this. they want me dead... so i need to fight back..."
the auto-repair system finally kicked in on my ship... but there was power only for the sensors and the thrusters... so i would need to do an emergency landing...
the Cutter could only tow me to orbital flight safely... Millana needed to release me in a precise path for a safe landing on the planet. and as i glided into the thin atmosphere of the moon, i see a base there... Porco Horizons...
"Mayday Mayday Mayday... Gutamaya Echo Romeo November, Catastrophic System failure. requesting landing clearance ASAP."
"Gutamaya Echo,Romeo,November. Acknowledged... you are cleared to land in any pad or near the station... dispatching emergency ground crew."
i tried to line my ship to the landing pad... but even the low gravity was not helping me... i simply had zero power at this point... sensors were almost fried and engines were dead.
"This is Gutamaya Echo,Romeo,November...  i'll not gonna make it to a pad... all engines dead. glide only. Prepare ground crew for emergency landing and impact..."
"Roger. Good luck on the landing, commander..."
my ship skidded trough the metal rich red moon of the planet. since the ship had no wheels on the landing gears, all of them were just riped off as soon as i impacted the ground... the ship entered nose first and came to a stop just centimeters from a building of the station... i don't remember anything after that... just some voices... i think it was the ground crew taking me out of the cockpit of the ship... when i came to my senses again, i was in a stretcher being transported by a SRV to a medical instalation... i dindn't break anything other than the ship... thank goodness, but it meant it would take some time before they could make the vessel airworthy again... for what i heard of the medical team, wasn't for the g force difuser of the ship, i would be dead by now. and after this incident, it was clear that the empire was out to get me... if Champbell said was true... then i was officially a war combatent. and treated as such by Lavingy. i cannot escape it, so i need to fight for it now...
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