Logbook entry

Chuckdm / 15 Jan 3305
Four thousand steps forward, and a few back


So...I did it.  I made the jump into the black along with at least ELEVEN THOUSAND Commanders in all.  It still amazes me that there's so many of us.

I made it as far as Cycladia.  It's a ringed earth like planet about halfway to Waypoint 2 on the journey.  I didn't know what it was at first, but I figured as the third POI on the list, it was as good a place as any to spend the night.  Since it isn't landable, though, I ended up parking on a nearby ice moon instead.  As I went to sleep, marveling at the journey so far, early as it was, I couldn't stop the feeling that the Nebuchadnezzar's 38ly range just wasn't going to cut it.

The next day, I woke up bound and determined to do something about it.  After a few hours, I realized that any change I was going to make would require that I return to the bubble, and so I began the arduous trek back.  Nearly 2 hours later, I arrived back at my defacto home base at Chomsky Terminal in San Tu, and within another hour I had determined that my only real option was a change of ships.  I was torn between a Krait Phantom or an Anaconda when I took a peek at the couple of meager photos I had taken along the trip so far, and realized that those photos would be just as nice in a Krait Phantom, but exceedingly boring in an Anaconda.  It might be a poor criteria to make such a decision on, but it was as good as any other.

By this point it was getting late, so I parked my new Krait Phantom with most of its engineering work completed and got some more sleep.  The next day would be hard.  The next day, Monday, I had to fight the Guardians.

I woke up 7 hours later, plotted a course based on a waypoint I got from some guy named Exigeous I met in the bar on Barba Ring, and headed back into the black, albeit now with a 51ly range and only going a quarter as far.  I'll spare you all many of the details, largely because sleep is calling to me once again, but suffice to say 3 SRV repairs, a rearm, and almost 2 hours later, I got my prize.  The new Nebuchadnezzar now has a jump range of 62.19ly, thanks to a shiny new Guardian FSD booster, which is more than enough for the journey ahead to Beagle Point, along with a much better AFMU than the old Neb to ensure she arrives in one piece, and some inferior but still capable guns.  The biggest loss, aside from the Fighter Bay of course, would have to be the shield generator, from a 6c to a 4d.  Still, the shield was never going to do anything besides save me from bumps and scrapes anyway.

Here's hoping I don't change my mind again.  Three days into the expedition and I'm finally about to start it all over again.  Second time's the charm, right?
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