Logbook entry

Mo Ronik / 15 Jan 3305
Cyberian Exploration - New Home

I have decided to take up residence in a new system. Aphra was too busy fighting wars and the danger there was too great for my liking. So, I searched around and found a nice new place to put down roots, at least for the time being. My new home is now the Boodt Port in the Cupis system.

It's a nice place with a pretty decent selection of ships and modules. The system does have several planets to go material gathering with a nice assortment of things to gather. One ringed gas giant with an icy ring so I'll be going there to see what I can shake out. There is also a bunch of stations to land at so that means inter system trading should be reasonable.

Got all my ships transferred here and I've been going over them to check for any damage. So far all is good and the transfer guys didn't even leave a mess in the cockpits so that's a bonus. Still gonna take the rest of the day and give them all a good cleaning. Tomorrow starts a new chapter at Cyberian Exploration.
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