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Karina Ivanovich / 16 Jan 3305
16 Jan 3305 - Provisional Constitution of the Hastati Astral Liberation Party

There is a cancer growing in the heart of the Empire. This cancer started as an honorable way for citizens to absolve themselves of the shame of debt. This cancer is known as slavery. The honorable state of indenturing ones self to another to pay a debt quickly became a way to institutionalized coerced labor among the less fortunate of Empire society. Those that live in privilege are ever increasingly exploiting those without options. The proliferation of this disease has turned a once honorable opportunity into an open sore on Imperial society. This, as well as other exploitations such as perpetual prison colonies, persecution of foreigners, and the bleeding of conquered worlds at the detriment of their populace must stop.

We, the people of the outer rim of civilized space, have decided to form a government in exile from the Empire. Each system acting in its sovereign and independent capability will come together for joint protection of those exploited by the major powers blocs of the Empire, Federation, and so called Alliance of Independent States. Each system shall adhere to the following articles, but in all other ways be independent and left to their own affairs.

Article I

The Hastati Astral Liberation Party is a confederate government of independent systems under the Joint Committee's leadership of appointed individuals. Each system will appoint 5 officials.

1. A military representative that will vote on matters related to mutual defense of the H.A.L.P. Confederacy and advise the Committee on offensive operations should they be necessary.

2. A trade minister that will vote on matters of trade relations and commerce.

3. A political minister that will vote on domestic affairs of their home system and determine treaties between member systems.

4. A industry minister to vote and handle on financial and industry matters not directly related to inter-system trade.

5. A non voting civilian representative elected in a direct election of all his or her system's citizens that holds veto power over any of the fore mentioned members. In the case of a veto three members total of the five may chose to override the veto.

Article 2

Slavery and indentured servitude are illegal in any and all member systems, and in any stations or planetary bases that a member system may control outside of their immediate system. Any slave or indentured servant seeking asylum in H.A.L.P. territory will be granted the full protections that the member system can provide.

Methods of obtaining citizenship into the Confederacy is left to the individual systems, but must be offered in some way to anyone that wishes to attain citizenship.

Article 3

The Joint Committee shall have the power to perform or enforce the following actions

1. Organize and maintain a navy for the joint protection of its member systems. As well as to declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures in space and on planetary bodies.

2. To establish laws governing intersystem trade. Intrasystem trade, however, is off limits except with the support of a 90% vote by committee members.

3. To provide for the punishment of individuals breaking Confederate law and to define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the space lanes, and offenses against the law of systems.

4. To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers.

5. Each member system shall provide 20% of its total profits from all endeavors to the Joint Committee for uses deemed appropriate by its Confederate members.

6. The Joint Committee must disclose all expenditures to its member systems except those deemed sensitive or necessary to the running of the Confederacy in the time of war.

7. The Joint Committee shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

8. To form a supreme court composed of one elected judge from each system to determine the validity and applicability of laws passed by the Joint Committee. The court may not create or alter laws passed by Committee vote but may strike down laws that go against this constitution. A supreme court justice may be removed only by a 75% majority vote by all Committee members or by the court justices themselves, or by a unanimous medical tribunal of certified doctors that deem a justice unfit for service.

9. The Committee shall vote on a executive tribunal to act as the leadership of the Confederacy in matters of foreign affairs and implementing laws passed by Committee. No Tribunal member may serve more than 6 consecutive two standard year terms or 12 total terms. Tribunal members must be or have been elected Committee members and be citizens of their respective system.

10. All powers not specifically stated remain to the member systems of the confederacy.

11. The constitution may be amended by a 70% majority vote of all committee members. Or in times of way a temporary amendment may be passed for the security of the Confederacy by a simple majority plus one. The temporary amendment will be voted upon again each stellar quarter and must meet the same requirements to remain in effect. If a temporary amendment passes with 70% of the committee's vote it becomes permanent.

12. Amendments may be revoked by a 75% majority vote of all committee members.

Article 4.

The superpower blocs have through their exploitation of the galactic market given a weakened character to the poor and disadvantaged of every system under their control. It is the intended purpose of the Hastati Astral Liberation Party to form a Confederacy of states willing to stand up for every citizen of their member stems regardless of race, religion, social status, gender, sexuality, or any other determinate factor. The only factor of importance to the Confederacy is the citizenship, or prospective citizenship of its residents. All humans are equal under the eyes of this Confederacy and no person shall rule over another except in the terms of governance, determined by election of its members.
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