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Sydney-4404 / 16 Jan 3305
Dw2 Log Book Entry #2

"Landed on a asteroid base called 'Observation Post Epsilon'. Lovely people....docked and was quickly approached by armed security forces. Had to explain to them that I was an explorer and not a pirate/smuggler. But besides that I've been slowly making it towards the second way point. Visited many interesting and beautiful points of interest and even took a few personal detour. Found a lot of icy planets but that's what you mostly fine around Red Dwarfs. But I did find one thing that's quite notable to put in here and that's me finding Metallic Crystals. Opening the codex here; it says they're a 'crystalline structures with a metallic lustre on their outer surface' and 'they are created by huge numbers of primordial microorganisms'. I found both the Flavus Metallic Crystals and the Prasinus Metallic Crystals. Hm! I also neglect to mention that before this, I visited Thor's Eye and circled the black hole as well as fly through the canyons at 'Labirinto'. Stunning views. I'd recommend a visit there for anyone. But for the second day, not a bad finds. Can't believe I'm already across the Sagittarius Gap. Next stop is Omega Mining Operations. Can't wait to be there. Hopefully nicer people than here. Commander signing off."
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CMDR Sydney-4404
Freelancer / Explorer
16 Jan 3305
Dw2 Log Book Entry #2
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