Logbook entry

Casa_Del_Seany / 16 Jan 3305
Downs and ups of trading

Pride comes before a fall: Yesterday I was interdicted in 6 Ceti system while carrying mission critical cargo. My concentration deserted me and I failed to evade the interdiction. My Type 7 is not well equipped for combat and my combat rating is harmless. Within seconds of the attack I was forced to bail and rebuy my ship. This was a bit of a setback and it angered me that a criminal was profiting at my expense. I set up my Cobra, Tesiree, for combat and went to look for the pirate but my search did not yield any results. I decided the best thing was to put it down to the cost of doing business and got back in Pongo and carried on trading and running cargo missions. Despite yesterday's setback I have now surpassed C100,000,000. My Trader rating is Broker and I'm well on my way to Entrepreneur. I have also risen to Federation cadet without putting any focus onto military rank. My career has developed significantly since joining the Galactic Freedom Fighters and moving to Melvin Hub. I am confident that I will soon be flying an Anaconda.

Cmdr Casa_Del_Seany signing off
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