Logbook entry

Char Azmodai / 16 Jan 3305
33050116 Distant Worlds Expedition Log #3: The Mysterious Origins of Space Poop

The Legacy of the Void is currently exploring the Trifid Nebula, where we have found four systems with Lagrange clouds, but we are nowhere closer to the answer of where the objects inside them come from, or more specifically, what space-dwelling creature is leaving these behind. Along with giant crystals and clumps of solid matter resembling feces, we have also been finding what appear to be giant, pulsing pods. Alien eggs? Seeds? Thargoid escape pods? The data is inconclusive. The clouds themselves appear to come a variety of colors and denseness, some so dense that they block out all light completely. A perfect place to lay an ambush.

We have found nothing hostile dwelling within them though. Perhaps the mystery will unravel as we gather more data along the expedition. We will continue exploring this nebula for a couple more days before returning to Omega, where hopefully the rest of the surviving fleet has caught up by then and we can begin making way toward the next waypoint.
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