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VGpunx / 18 Jan 3305
The Week of Pain

Wasn't even two days before Atlas, the ship's dog fell ill. Had to rush him back to Founder's World to the animal hospital there. I always feel old disembarking the shuttle there. At least I can leave the ship at port and feel safe knowing she'll be there when I get back - unlike some of the space docks in the bubble. In light of our upcoming expedition, I've decided to bring a veterinarian into my crew so we can keep Atlas and the ship's cats happy and healthy along the way.

With all the mods I've done to the Nocturne over the past few weeks we're short on credits for everything, so I had to take a couple dangerous jobs: hot cargo and all. We paid all the medical stuff up front, but surgery for Atlas was very costly and I've agreed to pay the remainder of that once we reach Colonia. I'll just transfer the credits over once we sell our scan data. Still, my girlfriend is taking all this very hard and there isn't much I can do to help with that part. It's been a very long week and I'm ready for all this to be over.

Since our cargo hold will be empty for the majority of the trip, I've had our cargo bay repurposed into an exercise area. Mostly, it's for Atlas when he recovers but it should also work for the crew and I as we make our way through the black. Last time we went to Colonia I was ill-prepared. I'm not making that mistake this time. I haven't exactly afforded every luxury but the Nocturne will be able to respond to a number of situations. I'm bringing fuel transfer and repair limpet controllers as well as an AFMS in case something happens to one of us out there.

I've had enough of these preparations, at any rate. I started a combat retrofit for the Nocturne. Seems like the engineering is never finished. I wonder if old Felicity Farseer is getting tired of hearing my voice. The other day I swear I saw her roll her eyes at me when I asked about installing drive distributors on the Nocturne's engines. I dare not say anything to her, though. That woman's firey as all get out and I ain't gonna get caught in the heat. Really knows her frame shift drives though, I'll give her that.

Finally, we did a test scenario with the Nocturne's clean drives. I could have put some more work into them, but the power manifold is running hard as it is. Did a landing in a 2.4G environment. Clean landing, but the shields dropped a bit more than we expected, so we'll have to set her down easy if we do any high-gravity landings. Shouldn't be a problem anyhow - I don't gotta get anywhere so fast I gotta die gettin' there. Slow and easy, that's the way to go.
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