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Tannhäuser / 18 Jan 3305
Distant Worlds 2: Log 1

Decided on the morning of the day to join this, after a solid month of Thargoid bashing I needed something different.

Zipping back to SD, I cobbled together a reasonably decent Krait Phantom build by scraping out Deplorable Manners, my Mk2 , Contents May Differ (AspX) and old FAS, Rammstein. A couple of engineer trips later and I was at 67Ly range for the Edge Case. Decided that would do.

Headed to the starting point while still waiting on Fleetcomm access. Full of pirates. Made it out with 18% hull and a foul temper. Found a repair shop, then headed to HIP 5043. There I met CMDR Vik!ngwing and we winged up for a great flight out to the 'famous' highest G landing planet known - 9.7 G:

Unfortunately, on my first landing attempt I dabbed thrusters at the wrong moment and boom. Back to the start. Jonked back via a couple of njs and second time landed safely.

Some great pumpkins there, but unfortunately I'd not worked out how to use all the new kit installed and didn't add them to my codex. Lesson learned.

More geology and biology found along the way:

My first space creatures:

And a fantastic prototype LaGrange Cloud - another first for me. Huge spooky crystals

Arrived at Omega, cashed in 22M. Using my HoloMap (EDD), I then found a segment of sparsely mapped space fairly nearby and accessible in a single nj. Headed 'down' and started mapping.

Here, for info and edification, is how I map a region. I don't use the scientific method (Stellar Forge numbering). I lay out 2 waypoints at each end of the region to be mapped and fly between them in 'economy mode', F stars only. On the second run, switch filters e.g. a different star type -usually A/G for ELWs. That's most of the quality stuff found. Simply switch to 'Non Visited' filter.  After a few runs its easy to spot any stars missed via the 'Visited' filter. It builds up a 'blob' of scanned volume.

This is the holomap view after a few runs:

Best find so far - water world orbiting a gas giant/proto-star with 3 water giants nearby. Settle here if you like swimming:

Found one new ELW, nice when that happens:

Worth a few bob too:

Now to carry on building the blob, join the Biologist team and look for some more xenos. We're supposed to depart Omega on 27th but not sure I can wait that long. The Black draws you.
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