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Mike Probably / 18 Jan 3305
Speared by Guardian Tech

Distant Worlds II went. I wish them well.

But seems that wishes do not overcome gravity: 33 ships reportedly destroyed in crashes on a 3.3g planet.
Which says a lot about necessary shield and hull strengths.

Me? I am not with them, as I learned the same lesson in a rather interesting way:
It looks like Guardian Tech is a lot harder than our ships.

Following up on Ram Tahs interests in the Guardian’s ancient ruins I visited many of them; their placement in space revealed courtesy of CANNON. Cannot thank those scientists enough, as I only knew 5, they found way above a hundred – but visiting a large number…
Have to admit, I got careless. Landed the Probably Gone within the ruins, something a respectable archaeologist would never do.

Paid for it: major hull breach.

Happened, as I deployed the SRV. Sensing me, the Relict rose from its slumber, puncturing my Phantom. As I was off-board, the explosive de-pressuring was not an issue. Repairing the ship was. Onboard tools only, being way off track, travelling alone. Did it, eventually.

But Distant World II had left. I wasn’t there.

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CMDR's logbook

CMDR Mike Probably
Explorer / Researcher
27 Aug 3305
Landing Pad 07 – core breach
Mike Probably
21 Aug 3305
Landing Pad 07 - eye to eye
Mike Probably
13 Aug 3305
Landing Pad 07 – gone, then back
Mike Probably
24 Jul 3305
Landing Pad 07 - broken
Mike Probably
20 Jul 3305
Landing Pad 07 - breaking
Mike Probably
18 Jul 3305
Landing Pad 07
Mike Probably
31 Jan 3305
Thorn in my Side
Mike Probably
18 Jan 3305
Speared by Guardian Tech
Mike Probably
09 Jan 3305
It does NOT come in black?!
Mike Probably
04 Jan 3305
I felt that sting before
Mike Probably
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