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Mike Probably / 18 Jan 3305
Speared by Guardian Tech

Distant Worlds II went. I wish them well.

But seems that wishes do not overcome gravity: 33 ships reportedly destroyed in crashes on a 3.3g planet.
Which says a lot about necessary shield and hull strengths.

Me? I am not with them, as I learned the same lesson in a rather interesting way:
It looks like Guardian Tech is a lot harder than our ships.

Following up on Ram Tahs interests in the Guardian’s ancient ruins I visited many of them; their placement in space revealed courtesy of CANNON. Cannot thank those scientists enough, as I only knew 5, they found way above a hundred – but visiting a large number…
Have to admit, I got careless. Landed the Probably Gone within the ruins, something a respectable archaeologist would never do.

Paid for it: major hull breach.

Happened, as I deployed the SRV. Sensing me, the Relict rose from its slumber, puncturing my Phantom. As I was off-board, the explosive de-pressuring was not an issue. Repairing the ship was. Onboard tools only, being way off track, travelling alone. Did it, eventually.

But Distant World II had left. I wasn’t there.

Do you like it?

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CMDR Mike Probably
Explorer / Researcher
18 Jan 3305
Speared by Guardian Tech
Mike Probably
09 Jan 3305
It does NOT come in black?!
Mike Probably
04 Jan 3305
I felt that sting before
Mike Probably
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