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CMDR Aosto / 18 Jan 3305
Getting drunk while traveling across the galaxy Ch.1

Its been exactly a year since my last journal entry.  Keeping steady accounts of my activity in the void isn't one of my strong suits.  

Though I've never been much of an explorer, my long time mentor and wing man CMDR Blasted Pony convinced me to join him (and what seems to be every other pilot in the galaxy) on the excursion of a lifetime! I outfitted a freshly manufactured Krait Phantom for Distant Worlds 2, a journey to Beagle Point on the far side of the galaxy.  Over the next 20 weeks or so, I will be attempting to keep a(relatively) detailed log of our adventures, as well as repeatedly getting drunk along the way.

Stop 1. Shapely 1

Was told that this nebula was going to be dope.  Slightly disappointed.  Sat there for several minutes drinking whiskey alone and proceeded to the next location of interest.

Stop 2. The View

Now this was some shit!  Tiny little planet with its own rings!  Crazy ass gravity at 3.3G's though.  Nearly knocked my shields offline slamming into the surface during landing.  Check out that sweet-as-hell neutron star right next to and equally sweet O-Class star! This shit was fire, and I hung out here for a solid half hour.  Perhaps this exploring stuff is something I'm into after all! *takes another swig of whiskey*

Stop 3. Cycladia

Now this was some shit that I'd never seen before.  An earth-like planet with friggin' RINGS!? Had to swing by and check this out, and it did not disappoint.  I flew to the dark side of the planet in search of light emission(which would signify a large metropolis) because I was too lazy to load up my system map and see what(if any) the population was.  Didn't see any light, which probably means there isn't much going on down there.  Someone should build a sweet-ass nightclub starport in the rings of this planet, I would totally party there.  

Stop 4. Labirinto

Ok, this was one of the most bat shit crazy planets I've ever been to!  CMDR Blasted Pony and I linked up at Hillary Depot(don't go there, its depressing and you'll end up drinking too much) and then flew together over to Labirinto.  I did a pretty shit job taking photos of this planet because I was too busy being totally stunned by how massive the cliffs here were.  If I didn't have 60,000 more light years to travel, this would be a dope spot to thrash my SRV!

Stop 5. Thor's Eye

I have to tell you guys, a black hole is one of the hardest things to take a picture of.  It's such a pain in the ass.  I don't care how many megapixels your camera has, you just cannot capture that shit.  For you folks who are still Earthbound, its basically like what happens when you try to take a picture of a sunset.  It just ends up looking like a shitty version of the thing you actually experienced.  Now, imagine the same scenario with space and time bending around you!  Its fucked up!  Not to mention my ship was wigging out because all my power systems were being leeched into an unknown pit of despair that not even light particles can escape from.  Black holes stress me out, so I got drunk and got the fuck outta there real quick.

Stop 6. The PW2010 Supercluster

Last but not least(its a joke because its a picture of a bunch of stars), The PW2010 Supercluster.  For those of you that don't know, a lot of time when you're flying through space it all just kinda looks the same.  Superclusters are sweet, because as you move closer to one, it becomes more prominent, and really stands out from the rest of the boring ass stars.  I also like to imagine that all the stars that form any particular Supercluster are super good friends, and refuse to be separated from their homies.  

Thats it for now guys!  I'm going to keep traveling, drinking and documenting fucked up and cool astronomical phenomenon(not to be confused with astrology, which is the study of how to blame stars for your stupid decisions)! See you next week.

-CMDR Aosto
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