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Char Azmodai / 20 Jan 3305
33050120 Distant Worlds Expedition Log #6: Living on the Edge

The Legacy of the Void has returned (once again) to the Omega asteroid base after a long night of exploration. We started off by traveling to the Little Gem Nebula, just on the edge of the galaxy. I admit, I was a bit nervous when plotting the route, as it involved using a neutron star to reach it on the last jump with no clear way to get back. Thankfully, I've hoarded enough materials to boost the FSD's range up to 100% if needed. Fuel was also a concern, at first, but it turned out there were enough scoopable stars to not be an issue. The less stars there were, the more I worried, but we reached the planetary nebula safely and were able to jump to a K-class star with only a 25% FSD boost. The view from the edge was... breathtaking. I can see now why people are crazy enough to travel out to the furthest reaches of the galaxy.

We returned to Omega to sell off the data we gathered. The trip back was mostly uneventful. More neutron jumps but less worry. FSD got a little roughed up but nothing serious. After a brief respite, we then traveled to the Little Ghost Nebula in the opposite direction, but still within the arms of the galaxy. Nothing to note other than a couple of high metal planets we were able to land on. The view was nice. We stayed there for a minute before returning to Omega and calling it a night.

The Red Comet should be arriving by tomorrow. Going to give the crew some shore leave while I take her out for a spin, maybe scare some miners, race through some canyons. Doesn't look like we're going anywhere for a week, even if the community goal is completed, so this should pass the time.

Now if only the Saturn Nebula was reachable...
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