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Tannhäuser / 20 Jan 3305
DW2: Log 2 - a change of outfit

Completed mapping the sector:

Another ELW found in a system with two NSPs. This will be an interesting place to visit:
One of the NSP's was at a langrange point, the other, oddly near the orbit of the ELW (see blue arrow). Not sure why, one to research.

On returning to the mining outpost at Omega, it became clear that the planning of a new core system station relies on the vast amount of mining going on there. I have zero interest in mining, so thought to help by bounty hunting. However, the cost of transportation! 57 million creds for the Delerium Tremens to be hauled over! I don't have that sort of cash lying around for casual use.

Luckily I have a large number of engineered modules from Deplorable Manners stored at Shin Des., so have paid for them to be transported. A lot cheaper and will turn the Edge Case into a reasonable bounty hunter of medium size ships.
Well, I say that but as it turns out, not so good. Only four hardpoints means that DPS is pretty low. The one thing I did not scrape out of 'Manners was the thrusters.
Wish I had because these lightweight explo build thrusters totally suck at turning. Lightweight armour does not help either. All in all, I can take on the little guys but anything mid-size or even an Elite viper is giving me serious trouble. Granted I am not a seasoned combat pilot. Most of my kills are the sheer firepower of 'Tremens or the ramming of Rammstien. Hey ho. I will continue to be opportunistic and wipe out the small fry until no longer needed.
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CMDR Tannhäuser
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02 Feb 3305
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