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Barnesy72 / 20 Jan 3305
First Voyage Into The Black

Commander's Log #001 - January 20th, 3305 2702.01 Ly from Sol.

Sitting here in a small mining outpost in the Elephant's Trunk Nebula, I have decided to begin writing a journal. Both to chronicle my travels through Deep Space, and to keep myself sane as I plan to spend a long time away from human company.

After spending the last few weeks fighting the Thargoid presence in the Pleiades Nebula and the fringe systems of The Bubble. I dropped what remained of my credits from my last big mining venture onto buying and outfitting an Anaconda for Deep Space exploration. I am largely un-experienced in space exploration, the Pleiades being the furthest I had even been until now. But sitting 'comfortably' on this rock I feel quietly accomplished and am eager to see whatever comes next in my journey.

My first waypoint on the way to the Elephant's Trunk was the North America Nebula. Surveys of most systems within the nebula were largely uneventful, apart from one. An anomaly appeard on my FSS in North America Sector EM-U B3-1. Upon further investigation, this anomaly was found to be a Viride Lagrange Cloud with clusters of Metallic Crystals and Solid Mineral Spheres floating within the green cloud.

[Approaching the Cloud]

Fatigue took over soon after and I made a beeline for the Elephant's Trunk Mining station in the GM Cephei system. Arriving withing about one hour after stopping to scan and survey some systems along the way. The Hermes flew sluggishly through the portal into the Asteroid station and I landed gently and safely. The ship is a bit banged up after a minor collision with the surface of a high gravity planet. But now that I'm here I can get a bit of rest and plan the next leg of my journey.

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CMDR Barnesy72
Thargoid hunter / Explorer
20 Jan 3305
First Voyage Into The Black
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