Logbook entry

Argon / 20 Jan 3305
DW2 – week 1

A few days ago, we arrived at WP2 of the DW2 expedition. Thanks to the neutron highway, the whole trip was done in a few hours, and we could even identify and map some new planets. My wingmen, Super7, even had luck by finding a few new water worlds.

After Relaxing a few days in the guest-friendly Omega Mining Operation, I started the Oghma today again to explore some systems nearby. Was quite surprised to encounter the "Rock of Isolation" in  Omega Sector OD-S b4-0. This Megaship of the Independent Detention Foundation is quite a beauty in the dark. Was quite busy in this system, and lots of degraded emissions near by. Super7 and myself used the opportunity to salvage some manufactured materials in the numerous debris fields.

Afterwards, I set course a few hundred LY aways to find some new systems. Accidentally jumped very close to a neutron star, which got me some hull damage.
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