Logbook entry

soda314 / 20 Jan 3305
Mission: Return to the bubble for further engineering and outfitting

I discovered while in Omega Sector VE-Q B5-15 that if you store your Planetary Vehicle Hangar on the asteroid base, you might get it back without SRVs, and the base has no SRVs in stock. This, and the fact that I have gathered enough materials for all the essential, and already unlocked blueprints have prompted me to make the effort and re-engineer the Anaconda for 60 ly jump range, more safety, and more comfort.

Outfitting Goals

- Retrofit Explorer 509-5 to Explorer 63C-5
- As indicated above, four new SRVs will be needed

Engineering Goals

G5 Frame Shift Drive - Increased range (Mass Manager) [Felicity Farseer]
G3 Thrusters - Clean (Drive Distributors) [Felicity Farseer]
G3 Sensors - Lightweight (None) [Felicity Farseer]
G3 Detailed Surface Scanner - Expanded probe scanning radius (None) [Felicity Farseer]
G4 Power Plant - Armoured (Double Braced) [Marco Qwent]
G3 Power Distributor - Engine focused (Stripped Down) [Marco Qwent]
G3 Shield Generator - Enhanced low power (Stripped Down) [Elvira Martuuk]
G3 Beam Laser - Lightweight (Stripped Down) [no Engineer unlocked]

Mission Objectives

1. Depart from Omega Sector VE-Q B5-15 to the KP Tauri system (5,556.39 ly, 122 jumps, 2 hours)
2. Retrofit the Anaconda to Explorer 63C-5 at Spedding Orbital
3. Trade raw materials at Zahn Enterprise in the Cennicenino system
4. Trade manufactured materials at Chandler Ring in the Karka system
5. Trade encoded materials at Bernoulli Vision in the Caeritis system
6. If any materials are still missing and cannot be traded, farm them as needed
7. Visit Felicity Farseer in the Deciat system and make the desired modifications
8. Visit Marco Qwent at Qwent Research Base in the Sirius system and make the desired modifications
9. Buy 3 Soontill Relics at Garry’s Reclamations or Cheranovsky City in the Ngurii system
10. Visit Elvira Martuuk in the Khun system and make the desired Shield Generator modification
11. Return to Omega Sector VE-Q B5-15 and catch up with the fleet (5,520.35 ly, ca. 97 jumps, 1,5 hours)
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