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Caoimhe O'Shea / 21 Jan 3305
Distant Words 2 - Day 2

Hello! These Distant Words are coming from the Omega Sector! I made it! I buckled down and hopped 182 jumps -- from Deciat to Omega Sector VE-Q b5-15! I felt a lot like these guys!

OMG it's crowded out here! Comms are going nuts. I had to turn the volume down, I was going to go deaf.

There's a lot of crime going on, too. Your regular pirates are always there, but there's some wicked ones who just want to ruin your day. The infamous Harry Potter was chatting up a storm when I arrived. Luckily, I got to the base before I saw anyone.

Once I arrived, I saw I could sign up for contributing to the station build project. I stripped a bunch of stuff off and reset Orinoco for mining. I didn't find much of what they're after yet, but I blew an asteroid to smithereens! BOOM!!! heehee, it was so cool to see. I'll be doing a lot more of that tomorrow, I hope.

It's been a long trip, and my butt is tired from sitting in that chair all day. I'm out for now. Fly safe! o7
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CMDR Caoimhe O'Shea
Explorer / Salvager
24 Jul 3305
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18 Jan 3305
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Caoimhe O'Shea
01 Jan 3305
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Caoimhe O'Shea
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