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Mi5 / 20 Jan 3305
3305/01/20 Observation Post Epsilon To Omega Mining Operation [DW2]

Would you believe it, I was robbed!

You fall asleep on a bar one night and when you wake up you have lost 3 days of your life, never to be lived again. What the frack do they put into Lavian Brandy these days? I think what I drank must have been synthesised from a mixture of SRV fuel and Toxic Waste. I guess lesson learnt, do not buy rare alcohols 5000ly from where they are made, they don't travel well, if at all. Thinking about it now the alarm bells in my head should have started to ring when I noticed that the word Lavian was spelt incorrectly. Trouble with long expeditions, even when you are only a few days in, sometimes you don't see the things that are right under your nose.

Thankfully I had made good time in catching up with the DW2 fleet and the meeting point at Omega Mining Operation in Omega Sector VE-Q b5-15 was but a few jumps away.

In space they can't hear you scream, apparently. They can however hear you chat. Safe in the welcoming arms of the Omega Mining Operation, the current hub of DW2, the comms chatter from several thousands of commanders starts as a welcome and interesting background noise but soon turns into an onslaught to the senses. Don't get me wrong, it is great to hear the excitement and enthusiasm of all your fellow space travellers but some people really do like the sound of their own voices and the loudest seem to have severe short term memory issues as they repeat the same point over and over just in case someone really didn't hear it the first, second or twelfth time.

What a pleasant relief it was to then take up the challenge and assist the DW2 family with finding the resources required for the new Orbis Starport to be built In the heart of the galaxy. An impressive ambition but an initiative that when completed will provide all of humanity with an scientific outpost at the heart of our galaxy capable of making discoveries that we have all but dreamt of for centuries.

The outfitting at Omega just about had all that was required to convert a deep space exploration ship into a mining beast. Thanks to the support of the inter station shipping service I was able to bring out some addition equipment to help keep the Phantom ticking over with all the power hungry mining tools on board. I may have made the odd derogatory comment in the past about miners, most of them extremely justified, but I can honestly say that a few days of shooting at rocks is actually quite 'fun' and 'exciting'. Look, mining is mining, you need sommit and the only way to get it is to find a rock, shoot at the rock and collect stuff that falls of the rock. The good news is that at least a Phantom looks great whilst doing it!

Oh well, time for some more rock blasting, I wonder if I can make some exotic and rare liquor from some of the rock fragments, what could possibly go wrong?

Do you like it?

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