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X3n0x / 21 Jan 3305
Much work accomplished more yet to do!

This trip has turned out to be pretty amazing!  Lots of space rocks and Space ice has been discovered, let me assure you! Lots of rocks and ice balls floating around to document.  I guess everything has its due, but scanning rocks and ice balls gets pretty monotonous sometimes.  Then you find something cool, like a Lagrange cloud and a storm!  I didn't initially discover this one,  though I did here rumors about it in the codex.  I was in the area, so I decided to check it out!  It was pretty amazing and unsettling at the same time!  Unfortunately the fancy new scanners I picked up for this trip couldn't tell me anything about the strange objects floating around in there...  I wonder if I should bring a xeno scanner next time?  I had the spot for it, and should have fitted one, but I forgot to do so before leaving!  Otherwise, I have to admit the scanners are living up to their hype so far, and proving very useful out here to catalog stuff.

So far the adjustments I made to the FSD have been working well.  I have no problems to report!  This is a very good situation to be in ,as I am nearly 15000 ly from anybody who can help!  The DBX has been very reliable, if a bit small at times, making me miss exploring in my clipper, but not missing its smaller jump range.   I'll have to take a look at that and see what I can do when I get back...That would be something now, a clipper with nearly 60ly jump range! Hmm...Time to start planning things...

So, back to the journey at hand...On my way to my current stop, I flew through a system that was notable to me as I have never experienced the effect before...  Normally, my ship's canopy does a pretty good job at blocking the strong UV that can come from certain stars, but not this one!  I could smell the ozone inside the ship as I finished cataloging this system!  I would not have believed my scanners if they found some kind of life on any of the bodies in this system, as I'm pretty sure they had all been irradiated and sterilized by the intense UV coming from this particular star!  There seem to be a lot of 'A' type stars in this area of space but this one takes the cake for sure!

In any case, the ozone probably sterilized the air circulators in my ship, and in my suit, so they should be good for awhile.  I guess this is a good thing as it will be awhile still before I am back in the bubble for maintenance!  Now, to see if I have any  lotion or ointment to treat mild sunburn in my med kit...

Before I ramble too long, I should wrap up this entry!  In closing, I'll be taking a bit of a rest on a rock in some far flung system, with a beautiful view of a nice gas giant and some blue luminous clouds that float around this system.   Sure is a pretty sight.  I'll have to remember to snap some more pictures before I leave...  Until the next entry, fly dangerous!  Signing off for now...
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