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MAD_DOG_MacD / 21 Jan 3305
Distant Worlds 2 - Day 8 AL (After Launch)

I'm continuing to mine the Metal Rich, Pristine Ring (only 1 of 2) after our massive Ring Mapping project. The entire Omega Sector was mapped by 10 CMDRs, hundreds of systems, only to discover that it has only 2 Metal Rich Pristine Ring worlds.

I'm still a little surprised that we only found 2 in the entire system search.

Now, the Cutter, it's not the most efficient Miner as it's original purpose is a pure Trader which means it's a hauler. It's original tonnage is 768, currently I am running 640 for this mining operation.

I might just end up building another Cutter for Hauling (it's original designation) and leave this one out here on the Rim (or at Colonia which might be it's final destination) for future goals.

With each haul I jump 1 or 2 levels in the Community Goal. Right now I am sitting at Top 25% only after 3 runs. I can only imagine what a few more will get me. I don't want to gun for Top 10 Commander, but I am happy to participate to help build the station in the Sag A region.

CMDR MAD_DOG_MacD, Explorer/Reporter
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