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Nambuls / 21 Jan 3305
Distant Worlds 2 - Diary 01 - #DW2

Departed on January 13th, 3305 from the Pallaeni system, this is the start of a trip to Beagle Point and I also hope a cool adventure with other CMDRs taking part in the expedition.

My diary entries will mainly consist of some of the best pictures I took during a leg of the trip.

So without much wait, below are the pictures of this first leg.

Waiting for the go signal for the first jump of the expedition

This first leg of the trip was 5421.59LY, and the expedition organizers gave us several intermediate way-points along the way to look at.
You can see some pictures from some of these optional way-points by expanding the section below

First optional way-point:
The view tourist beacon in the HR 6164 system.

Fourth optional way-point:
In the system Traikaae CH-Y c10, this way-point called labirinto has this planet with some very deep canyons and some very high mountains.

Some mountains are so high that they are easily visible from space.
This one I named « Mount Pistachio »

Now I’m landed at the foot of Mount Pistachio

And now close to the top of Mount Pistachio

The fifth optional way-point known as Thor's Eye, was not unheard of, because my brother already went there and had some nice memory of it.

In front of the main star

In front of the gas giant

In front of the gas giant rings

After what was in the end a quick trip, I arrived at the leg end, the asteroid station Omega Mining Operation in the Omega Sector VE-Q b5-15 system.

Now for the second week, we don’t move but instead we are gathering materials to build the first human space station in the galactic core region.

I think I made a reasonable contribution to this goal

And now, I just wait for the next leg of the trip
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