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Slba / 21 Jan 3305
Distant Worlds II - Omega

After weeks of refit, the newly-purchased Golden Hinde is in a fit state for an extended expedition. Without time to acquire and fit the necessary equipment for a pure exploration vessel, she's going in her heavy combat guise, which is good, as the piracy around Omega Sector VE-Q b5-15 is quite intense.

Fortunately, with her combat equipment fitted, the Hinde is quite at home in hostile territory, and has so far racked up 15MCr in bounties, stopping only to re-arm and refuel. No repairs necessary so far, the Golden Hinde's 2.2GJ shield has protected her from any significant damage up to this point, long may that continue, though, to be fair, with the bounty the Omega Mining Corporation is offering in the system, it seems there are almost as many bounty hunters as there are bounties to collect!

So far, mostly using the Hinde as a lightning rod to draw fire from any bounty hunters flying lighter ships in the Area of Operations - her shield is up to the punishment and it's better for me to have someone there watching my back than having them having to run and get their ship fixed. Plus, with her being an Anaconda and with that shiny bronze finish, she's built to get attention.
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