Logbook entry

Char Azmodai / 25 Jan 3305
33050125 Distant Worlds Expedition Log #9: Finding the Black Treasure

While exploring a system on the way back from HD 172275, I noticed a purple blob in the sky that wasn't there on previous jumps. The Legacy of the Void jumped a little closer to get a better look...

The remnant of a supernova. I pulled up my star map, and sure enough, there is was: Traikoa FL-P e5-4. The Black Treasure, more commonly called. At its heart was a rather dormant black hole - so dormant that there was a tourist beacon barely 50km away from it. I was able to get a little closer before the nav computer stopped my ship at the programmed exclusion zone, but I felt no fear and my ship wasn't even the slightest hot.

Jumped back into supercruise and flew around the black hole a few times just to see how the distortion warped everything around us before we resumed course back to Omega station. The remainder of the trip was uneventful. Legacy of the Void is going to remain docked until the next launch to get patched up and repainted for the next leg of the journey, as the stars have nearly stripped all of it away now.

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