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Jaykay / 26 Jan 3305
Log 7 - Mining Operation a success and scientific studies

Right, this console has been fixed now, thing hadn’t been working since I left Pallaeni but the Omega station mechanics reckon that it is good to go now and I have indeed managed to send Logs 2 to 6 over the net so they are publicly viewable.

The week has gone very well. Started with lots of mining to get all the required material to have the Orbis superstructure built ready to be shipped out to the galaxy centre. We needed Indite, Gallite, Praseodymium and Cobalt. Luckily the guys in the mining department identified an Indite hotspot in the system next door to the Omega Station system. 5198 miners all wing'ed up over the course of the week and stripped that hotspot and the rings in which the station resides. I managed to get in on a few wings with mostly Anacondas. The rings looked magical at times with hundreds of collector limpits dancing around the huge ships like fireflies.

I was shattered by the end of the operation, turning in 1974 tonnes in total. The Voids Flame (a Krait Phantom) isn’t built for this sort of work but I did manage to squeeze 126 tonnes of cargo space out of her. Was still slow going though, I ended up mining directly outside the station due to the amount of trips I was doing. On 23 Jan we got it done with 3 million tonnes delivered and there were parties at the station’s bar that went on well into the following afternoon. It was an amazing achievement for us to complete this so far away from civilisation, I am proud to have been part of it.

I did manage to get out and do some exploration near the local nebula, following a route that was produced by Fleet Command. It was a round trip visiting a collection of Lagrange Clouds. These were amazingly beautiful but at the same time quite scary. The deeper you go into some of these clouds the darker it gets. I know that sounds strange as we are flying around in the black, but the clouds can be thick with darkness, like a black fog. A few times I was slowing flying through a Rubicundum Lagrange Cloud only for something to appear out of nowhere and nearly collide with the ship, sometimes visibility only being a few meters away, even with the ships lights on, the new “Night Vision” system on ships is going to come in very handy. I made numerous discoveries in these clouds including several varieties of Metallic Crystals and Collared Pods.

In fact, I am proud to say that a study I did on several Rubicundum Collared Pods was collated, sent back to Gnosis and added to the Canonn Net site, my first scientific paper published! I will be studying any geological and biological findings whilst on the expedition now and reporting back to Cannon with my findings. Another scientific study I will be part of and conducting moving forward is The Trans-Galactic Metallicity Survey setup by Fleet Command themselves in order to map the metallicity across the galaxy in relation to star types. The techies at the station have made the necessary modifications to my ship's systems in order to gather and relay all this information so I am good to go.

The days since I have spent getting my ship back to an exploration configuration, running final tests and having as much human interaction and physical exercise as I can before we set off on the next leg, it's going to be a long time till we have all this luxury again.

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