Logbook entry

Mo Ronik / 28 Jan 3305
Cyberian Exploration - Hair Of My Chinny Chin Chin

Whew, today was exciting to say the least. Several groups of refugees wandered by my ship asking if I was going to head out. I was messing with my Cobra, MSS Fang, thinking I would take that ship out but after seeing the sad looks these folks were wearing I decided to go fire up my Dolphin, MSS Wake Rider, and give them a lift.

Well it started out uneventful but then that changed really quick. I got a message from the travel agent that someone wanted those refugees dead. I don't get it, they were just ordinary families with kids and everything. Not terrorists or prisoners or activists of any sort. They were just looking for a safer place to call home. I had 32 of them in the back and they sure enough looked nervous.

I was being followed. I could see it on the scanner. Boom, they tried to yank me out of super cruise but I was able to get away. Got closer to the delivery point and Boom, again. Once again I was able to get away and make it to the dock. A few families got out there but the others wanted to continue. So off we went, still being followed. Got almost to another dock and Boom they tried again. Again I got away and was able to land. Another group left the ship so I figured the next place the rest would get off. On the way Boom again they tried to grab my ship and again I got away but this time I as so close to a planet I had to break orbit to keep from slamming into it while fighting to get away. Landed safely and the rest of the passengers left the ship. I could tell they were badly shaken from the experience and they thanked me for getting them to their new home safely.

Did my old heart good to help others start a new life and hopefully there will be more opportunities in the future. MSS Wake Rider is a tough ship and can slip the grasp of a would be destroyer quite handily. I'm all settled in tonight at a distant outpost around some insignificant planet in a dim star system but I brought enough food to have a decent meal. Chili dogs are on the menu and good tunes are in the air....
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