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Chuckdm / 01 Feb 3305
...and Remembering Yourself


The truth is a funny thing, and it reminds me a bit of the law.  The recent scuffle between Utopia and Vitadyne illustrates this as clearly as anything else.  On the one hand, Utopia has a blatantly obvious case for patent infringement by Vitadyne, but to prove it, they'd have to divulge their own formulas to the Federation, Empire, and Alliance, which would be tantamount to handing them to Vitadyne anyway.  Meanwhile, a medical panel decides it's for the greater good if the nanomedicines become widely available, and the truth that Vitadyne just straight up stole Utopia's property gets lost in the shuffle.  And the thing is, that's fine.

That is, sometimes the truth has to get lost for the greater good.

I'm now sitting on a planet I can't rightly distinguish from the several thousand others I've passed and scanned over the past few weeks.  Back when I was working mining rigs for Sirius, everything was distinct.  No two lenses or fusion plants or thermal regulators looked alike, even though the vast majority of them were identical, mass-produced clones of each other.  But then, I was only seeing one of them each day.  Out here, exploring the black, it doesn't matter that every single planet is, in fact, completely unique - after you fly by your 200th rocky ice world in a single sitting, you can almost exactly predict what the 201st will look like, and the one I'm camping out on tonight doesn't look far different from the ones I've passed throughout the day.

Anyway, yes, I'm back in a Krait MkII, again.  Yep, seriously.  My 3rd and I-swear-on-my-Martian-mother final trip back to the bubble was just as fruitful as the last two.  I made my way to Rohini last night, perhaps the largest bastion of civilization within a full thousand lightyears in every direction.  As I sat there, I talked with other members of the expedition and as I slowly convinced several of them that the Phantom was the better ship for our voyage, I managed to slowly convince myself that having a SLF was worth a 10ly loss in jump range.  At first, the idea seemed stupid - not because of the idea itself, but simply knowing that the first Neb only managed a measly 38ly, squeezing 52ly out of a Krait MkII seemed like a 12,000ly fool's errand.  And yet, that's exactly what my 3rd trip back to the bubble accomplished.  The Nebuchadnezzar is now a Krait MkII with full guns, a Taipan, dual SRVs, and yes, a 52ly jump range.  Hell, I even managed a slight shield upgrade.  If I hadn't just flown it 63 jumps, I wouldn't believe it either.

It has been a long day, and tomorrow I have 96 jumps left to make it back to Rohini.  Upon arrival there, I'll still be 2,200ly away from our third official waypoint, and our fourth waypoint drops some time tomorrow.  I'm playing catch-up, but I'm making good time.  I should be at the next basecamp on time, and given how much fun I had banking the Taipan through some seriously tight curves today, I may end up a serious contender to win a race or two.  All-in-all, it was a good day.  Very damn long, but still, good.

Here's hoping tomorrow is just as productive.
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