Logbook entry

Mo Ronik / 02 Feb 3305
Cyberian Exploration - Yet Another New Face In The Fleet

I finally was able to secure the ship I've been looking at for some time now.  I picked up a second hand Asp Explorer that will be refit to take advantage of the newest mining tools I've been seeing for sale.  Spent some time cleaning her out once I got her back to the home port.  What a mess that ship was in but a deal is a deal and my grandmother always told me that it's only a mess if you can't clean it up.  I must have bagged 5 large trash bags full of crap, mainly girlie magazines, that the previous owner left and the dealer wouldn't touch.  I've set out scrubbing and sanitizing the walls and floors.  Fortunately all the systems are in good working order but the control sticks will definitely be replaced.  She's been officially named MSS Dusty.

I've been running trade routes in my T6, MSS Prudence, for the past few days bringing much needed supplies to distant outposts.  The credit exchange for this has been good which allowed the purchase of the newest ship.  But, once again, I'm broke.  No matter, I have enough in the account to go run the trade routes again and build it back up.  Gonna need it after I priced new and larger modules.  Ouch!  That familiar sting in my eye has returned with the price tags.

I know a place over in Empire space where I can make decent credits running those data missions so I might take one of my smaller ships over there and try my luck again.  I went there once and came home with a bundle so hopefully I can repeat that effort and get a jump on securing the big motors for MSS Dusty.  Not tonight though... this is a clean clean clean kinda night and I want to feel good about owning this new ship and not feel like I'm gonna contract some sort of virus from touching something.
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