Logbook entry

Char Azmodai / 03 Feb 3305
33050202 Distant Worlds Expedition Log #13: The Abandoned Settlement

We arrived at the abandoned Conflux Delta Site and set down just outside of the settlement among other ships from the fleet that had already arrived. There were also a few other ships flying around that were not part of the fleet and acting suspiciously. I had heard reports of attacks here, but these guys looked passive. The settlement was a ghost town with nothing left behind besides some old log entries. I drove around in the SRV a bit to tour the site and speak with other commanders on the ground, some of whom seemed to already be exhibiting symptoms of Space Madness. The logs I downloaded were from a doomed expedition in 3270. They seemed to be in a rush to get somewhere out in the void but ran afoul into a neutron star's gravity well. Looks like the ship was torn apart or cooked before it could escape the neutron star's magnetic field of death, but the logs were jettisoned. No clue if there's any wreckage to be found. Only other thing I've seen in this system is a Lagrange cloud with P-type anomalies that started scrambling my ship's systems when I got too close to it. Maybe I'll take another look at any nearby systems with neutron stars once we've left this rock. Still got another day before the next waypoint is announced.

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