Logbook entry

Zak Starfall / 03 Feb 3305

Galactic stardate 03FEB3305

Woke up this morning to far less eerie scene. Day had arrived to this side of the planet and the Delta settlement seemed much less forbidding.

We spent the day doing essential maintenance as the fleet slowly gathered. An impromptu squadron of Krait mkIIs and Phantoms gathered around us, and it was good spending some time chatting and comparing the customisations and modifications each of us had done in preparation for this trip.

Departure time arrived and, whilst I lifted Star Reaper from the planet's surface with the rest of the fleet, Cathy entered our first destination of this leg into Galmap - the Rusty Net Nebula, approximately 1,600lys away.
We made good time with only a short detour to map a very nice ringed Ammonia world.

Most of the systems we jumped through were unscanned. Looks like we are in the vanguard of the fleet at the moment as we cruise along what seems to be a relatively untravelled path. Maybe we'll get a few first discoveries, provided others don't overtake us and hand in their data first to Universal Cartographics.

The Rusty Net Nebula loomed ever closer, and when we dropped into it's core system, Skaude AL-X e1-28, we were treated to a stunning sight.
The colours and lighting from both the nebula and it's parent neutron star were captivating.

The Nebula also contained  G class secondary star, with two waterworlds about 400,000ls distant from the main neutron star, so we decided to head that way and map them, just so we could revel in the beauty of the nebula for a little longer.

As we got closer to the secondary star we noticed that one of it's planets was landable. We both looked at each other and had the same thought - might as well land and spend the night here.

Looks like we'll be playing catch up with the fleet again tomorrow!

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