Logbook entry

Char Azmodai / 04 Feb 3305
33050203 DISTANT WORLDS EXPEDITION LOG #14: To Boldly Go Where A Few Hundred People Have Gone Before

The Legacy of the Void has crossed into the Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm. The majority of it is still uncharted and there aren't many historical databases to pull previously discovered stellar data from, so we're going to have to do it the hard way if we wanna find what we're looking for. Thankfully, the leaders of this expedition have traveled this route numerous times and know where some sights to see are, but only one of them is a planetary nebula. Several of the POIs en route to Waypoint 4 are supernova remnants or a full blown nebula, which is cool too, but my primary interest when exploring the black is still planetary nebulae.

Our first stop was the Rusty Net Nebula, a planetary nebula with a neutron star, dangerously unstable orbitals, and a pair of water worlds around a binary star over 500kls away. Didn't stay there long before swinging by the Fish Eye Nebula and then finally the Flyiedgai Nebula, where we set up camp for the night (metaphorically speaking) between binary stars and their face-melting glow. We found ourselves exploring vast expanses of uncharted space between those points... much of which was traversed rather quickly due to an abundance of neutron stars in the area and my masochistic urge to fly into those swirly cones of death.

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