Logbook entry

Scubadog / 05 Feb 3305
Way Better Headway Than Expected

This trip is going amazingly fast. I've got just under 50ly jump range because of what I chose to carry on this trip, but I'm still moving along at a ridiculous pace. I'm scanning everything, but only probing bodies that are promising. I've run across a couple of terraformable planets and four water worlds, but that's largely it. Absolutely no Earth-like worlds. I've hit quite a few neutron stars. As I get a little closer to Sag-A I'll probably have to tell the nav computer to ignore those. It will add a considerable amount to my jumps, but I'm more likely to hit decent systems. Still haven't found a planet with greater than 1.6% Arsenic. I no longer trust that number when I see it. Might as well be ZERO.

I'm sitting here with only 75 jumps left to Sag-A if I change nothing about my navigation. I plan on jumping in the SRV for a while to look for some other materials to stock up on, but first I'm hitting the mess with Francisca. She says while I'm scrounging on the surface she wants to take The Ceti Azeria into orbit and stretch her legs a bit in the fighter. I couldn't stop myself from laughing when she said that. "You realize that fighter is more cramped than pretty much anywhere on this ship, right?", I pointed out to her. "You know what I meant", she shot back at me. I told her to knock herself out...but that I'm giving Eden the Con just in case Francisca decides to be funny and pull out of orbit to give me a scare. She knows about the time, years ago, when I had an SRV malfunction that caused the rapid loss of fuel that left me with only my suit power and air to keep me alive...and my ship not responding to hails to return. With my suit resources depleting, I finally had figured out that the small crater I was in had just the right combination of minerals to scramble my comms. I climbed up lowest crater wall to get a better transmission point to the ship. Obviously, that worked. I never want to be in that situation again.

On a side note, I've been noticing a trend among some of the DW2 caravan. I've been listening to the waves and reading some of the logs randomly, and there seems to be a contingent that are more interested in getting shitfaced than much of anything else on the trip. I'm not a prude or anything like that. I drink occasionally--at appropriate social events, or with some of my Silverbacks compatriots--but I never saw the value of just sitting on the ship and drowning in it or competing to see who can remember the least about the previous 24 hours. Francisca definitely hits the adult beverage harder than me, and even she just shakes her head at some of the shenanigans. Oh, well, hopefully nothing will become a big issue for the DW2 fleet. But you can only bang up your fellow commanders' ships out of a drunken stupor so many times, only avail yourself of other commanders' repair limpets so often, before everyone kicks you off the island. And some people don't have the temperament to accept being ostracized without being vengeful. Just sayin'.

Well, breakfast is served! No, I mean really. When I'm not taking a smaller ship or having to run bare-bones I bring along sufficient real food stuffs--I've got an awesome refrigerated storage system on this ship. Nothing like cooking up a nice Jovian Omelette to start your day off.
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