Logbook entry

Char Azmodai / 07 Feb 3305

This may be my final log entry. If anyone receives this, be warned: Skaude AA-A h294 IS A TRAP! My ship jumped into the system and was immediately pulled out of supercruise and into the mouth of a black hole. The sudden drop and intense gravity damaged my systems. Thrusters and comms knocked offline. Running diagnostic repair to get them rebooted. Temperature climbing, cockpit's getting hot.

Thrusters online.

Every alarm is going off and my ship is rattling like the hull is going to be ripped apart at any second.

I have my ship turned away from the black hole and going full throttle, but it's still being pulled toward the event horizon. FSD is charging, overheating.

Temperature critical. Taking heat damage.

Ejected my last heat sink. I don't know if I'm going to make it, but if I die here... bring these logs to my backup clone.

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