Logbook entry

AltoOrbita / 09 Feb 3305
Tales from the Watership Down - Rabbits and Ravines

The time had come to start loading the rabbits onto the Beluga. Four tonnes, to be exact. Half of a size three cargo rack.
Our passengers... for as long as I could keep them alive.

Doing the math, four tonnes would give the Beluga a population of two thousand. Two thousand fluffy, free-roaming rabbits.

The interiors would have to be completely overhauled to support such a population of course, especially for the duration they were intended to be kept. Not a problem, given the Beluga's large glass atrium. One could reasonably install a massive ecoscape on it, dig some pools. Modular construction had its perks.

Arranging for the rabbits to be delivered live to the station, on the other hand...

...difficult, but possible.

Now, to take the ship for a trial run. This time, with actual, valuable cargo.
Scrounging through the list of possible destinations to go, I settled on something relatively close by.

Dav's Hope.

It would help provide materials to upgrade the Beluga's drives, but that really wasn't the goal today.

The goal today, was to scale that mountain that Dav's Hope sat right beside. With the rabbits, of course. Just a couple.
Being a popular site as it was, there were several other commanders already there.

Must have been quite the sight to see a Beluga trying to wedge-land itself on the mountain instead, like an oversized... uh...

Only took three out of the four rovers I had brought along, too. For how fragile they are, they certainly can climb steep.
The lapine population suffered minimal casualties.

...Acceptable losses. There would certainly be more trials ahead.

This is the Beluga Liner Watership Down.
Population : 1980.
Our next stop, the Eta Carina nebula.

Onwards and Upwards.
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