Logbook entry

Mo Ronik / 08 Feb 3305
Cyberian Exploration - Back At A Familiar Place

I decided to head back to the Mainani system to run back and forth between there and the Ngalinn system.  Doing data/courier missions now and getting the occasional interdiction attempt.  MSS Fang is fast and can weasel her way out of pretty much anything so I have little to fear.  So far the missions keep stacking and I keep maxing out my carrying space for them.

I needed to get back over here to build my bank account back up after the purchase of MSS Dusty.  The price nearly broke me but I kept enough out for the insurance policy to fly my other ships.  After careful consideration I decided MSS Fang was best suited for this jaunt.  The account is quickly building back up and I'm going to need the credits for the new modules.  MSS Dusty is going to be my most expensive ship once I get her fully outfitted.  Hopefully the mining adventures that follow will be lucrative and keep my bank account healthy.  I'm used to being broke but I don't have to like it.

I'm thinking of another ship now.  I keep hearing calls to rescue folks from stations that have been attacked.  A few commanders have submitted videos of the carnage and it looks dangerous for the ships but certainly deadly for the folks trapped inside the stations.  I can refit one of my ships and go help but a new ship built for rescue might be more feasible and probably safer for everyone involved.  When I get back home I'll have to see where I'm at credit wise and I'll make a decision then on how to proceed.
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