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Jaykay / 08 Feb 3305
Log 11 - Wanted! Part 2

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Part 2

The smartly dressed man didn’t break eye contact with me whilst I was frog marched across the pad from my ship. Once within a meter of him, he looked up to the right and nodded as if to an unseen entity. I then noticed three red lights in the rafters attached to what must have been surveillance cameras wink twice and then went off. The two other men then also nodded and walked off towards the port’s entrance door and left us alone.

“CMDR Jaykay, would you like to tell me what you are doing at my port?” Stupid question deserves a stupid answer I thought. “Repairs and Refuelling before getting chased by your security!” “Who do you work for, what is your squadron?”, he quickly snapped. “Surely you’ve known that since I landed” I replied. “Canonn? And why would they be snooping round my port in restricted areas, giving backhanders to my staff?” I chuckled at this, it was a misunderstanding. “Look I was taking photos and..” He cut me off, “Yes that too. You are in a spot of trouble commander”. I took a deep breath, “Look, I can give you contact details of The Gnosis and for my superior in Canonn, who can vouch for me, nothing is going on here. I am on the Distant World Expedition and stopped in for fuel and repairs, the guy I paid was for helping me out, cleaning up a mess I made on the pad”. He paused briefly and glared at me. “Very well give me these details”. I gave him all the information needed to make contact with Canonn. He pulled a small device out of his inside jacket pocket which he pointed at my right eye, a quick flash of white light and he then pointed at the floor, “Sit!” No sense in arguing at this point I thought, so I awkwardly sat on the floor whilst trying to blink the spots out of my vision. The device must have been a biometric device to identify me.  He walked out the exit as the two guards came back in the room and stopped in front of me, their rifles ready but not poised directly in my direction.

A half hour must have passed before the smartly dressed man entered the bay again. He briskly walked over to me and signalled for me to get up with his hand. “After thorough investigation it seems you are who you say and luckily for you the right people in Canonn said the right things”. I smiled but tried not to look too smug. “However, you will go back to your ship and leave my port now”. He started to turn around to leave. “Erm my bounty? I need to clear my bounty!”. He turned his head slightly, “Not my problem, you are not permitted to use any station services or enter the port, I suggest you leave… Now!”. Something about the emphasis on that last word made me not want to push my luck. I was pulled to my feet and the guards released my restraints, I quickly walked back to my ship and clambered aboard, still trying to process what had just happened.

Once on board I started up the ships systems and enabled launch. The computer was still showing me as wanted, I hope I don’t get shot down whilst trying to leave the port, I thought. But I was shortly pulling away, leaving mass lock and entering super cruise without being chased by security forces. Once in super cruise I opened the galactic map. What now? Where now?

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