Logbook entry

Berbtato / 09 Feb 3305
Exploration Log - 9/02/3305

Today marks the beginning of a long trek out to the edge of space, out to Xibalba.
The gauntlet to investigate this desolate region of space was laid down to me by a young girl i left behind in the mines so so many years ago. Such a sweet one, it seems fitting that now with my freedom i complete the promise i made all those years ago, even if she may never see the result.

The great trek has been relatively quiet overall, having just arrived on the edge of the Statue of Liberty nebula so i can power down and rest for the night, i felt compelled to take the SRV out for one spin before sleep. I found myself surrounded by unusual bark-like growths with the stunning vista of the nebula in front of me.
There is peace out here in the darkness, but despite being thousands of light years from populated space the true feeling of being alone did not hit me until now, humanity has made so little an impact on this galaxy.
Its unusual to finally feel so alone, but to spend to long with my thoughts is a dangerous act. Tomorrow i shall journey deeper into the nebula on investigative reasons, i am hopeful theirs many secrets here waiting to be discovered.

It has been a long day, but i find myself hopeful for the great discoveries i will make on this, at least for me, historic journey further out then i have ever been.
Here's hoping to a brighter tomorrow!

Cmdr Berbtato, signing off
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