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Raemeus / 10 Feb 3305
Distant Worlds 2 - Day 028

LAUNCH:  02/10/3305 - 0113Z, Skaudai CH-B d14-34 - Sacaqawea Space Port

DESTINATION: Clooku EW-Y C3-197 - 5 G a

LANDING: 02/10/3305 - 0234Z, Clooku EW-Y C3-197 - 5 G a (Shepard Shallows)

LOG: My 72 hour estimate was short.  Got sidelined tracking down some weird fault in the discovery scanned, but it's sorted out, and I made it to the WP4 basecamp.  Didn't do as much exploration as I'd have liked on that last leg, but I was eager to catch up to the fleet.

Took an SRV out once I landed at Shepard Shallows, and almost immediately learned two valuable lessons:

1) Driving through a massive geyser maybe wasn't the best idea, and;
2) Someone really needs to make tire chains for SRVs.

The geyser launched me so high that I cleared a mountain, bounced, slid, and rolled more than a kilometer from where I eventually came back down, and then couldn't get back to the Springhill because the wheels just wouldn't grip the ice to climb the mountain I'd been launched over.  I eventually worked my way around it laterally from as high up as I could make it, but I was definitely worried I wasn't going to make it. By the time I got back down to the floor of the valley I'd left the Springhill in, the SRV's hull was at 8%.

Not my finest moment, but it was an interesting challenge.  I'm going to have to be smarter once we leave Sag A*, though...  There won't be anywhere to repair the ship or replace a dead SRV if I screw up after that.

CMDR Amara Raemeus
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