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Nambuls / 10 Feb 3305
Distant Worlds 2 - Diary 03 - #DW2

Welcome to the third entry of my Distant World 2 diary.

Starting this leg of the trip by rendez-vous-ing with some other CMDRs

For a mass jump

Immediately followed by a ~1900LY rush to optional way-point 1 « Rusty Net Nebula »

or more exactly a system close to it

to have some fun with SRVs and Fighters

Then passing through the second optional way-point « Collection of Wonders »

While traveling also found some Notable Stellar Phenomenons

Passed by the third optional way-point
Where there are biological, geological and guardian sites.
Unfortunately, while visiting one biological site, I found out my Beluga is too big to land on the hilly terrain, so instead I did the scouting in one of my fighter

Also did the same at a geological site

Some other interesting views during the trip.
Passing through « Octopus Nebula »

Or next to a beautiful ringed water world

And finally made my way to Way-point 4

And now, I just wait for the next leg of the trip
Do you like it?

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