Logbook entry

Argon / 10 Feb 3305
DW2 – WP4 -> WP5, stop at Gagarin Gate

Mission Day 27.

A week ago, I supportedthe investigation of the abandoned conflux settlements near waypoint 3.

Conflux alpha Site

Conflux beta site

Conflux Gama Site

Conflux delta site (someone had a strange accident here ...)

Conflux delta site – meeting the fleet at waypoint 3

Afterwards, I barely managed to reach waypoint 4 (Shepard Shallows) in time, before the fleet left for the next part of our trip.

I decided, that my next stop should be Gagarin Gate in Gru Hypue KS-T D3-31. Using several neutron boosts, I arrived here after only a few hours of traveling. On my way here, I found some nice waterworlds.

Water World discovered

Water World discovered

Once I reached Gagarin Gate, I was quite astonished how crowded this site already was. The autopilot docking system had quite some problems navigating me to a free docking bay without any collision, I even had to abort landing twice before I finally could dock!
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