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Raemeus / 11 Feb 3305
Distant Worlds 2 - Day 029

LAUNCH: 02/11/3305 - 0321Z, Clooku EW-Y C3-197 - 5 G a (Shepard Shallows)

DESTINATION: Boewnst KS-S c20-959 - Polo Harbour

LANDING: 02/11/3305 - 0925Z, Colonia - Jaques Station

LOG: I'd never been to Colonia before.  The last time I set foot on Jaques Station was in 3301. It feels familiar but foreign all at the same time.

Getting here was fun, but coming out of witch-space directly into the cone of a fast-spinning neutron star is officially the biggest diamond generator I've had since I started flying. The Thargoids were unsettling, but this was just terrifying.

The trip was a mix of neutron boosting and regular jumps, so I made a lot of first discoveries (still no Earth-Likes, though), and brought in detailed surface scans of a lot of discovered-but-unmapped terraformable planets.

Promptly spent half the data money buying a Krait MkII: The Almost New Bottom

I've really enjoyed this Phantom, and I wanted to leave a ship here for whenever I came back. I also kind of want to have a fighter bay for once the mining is done.  I'd originally planned to transfer out a Python, but I don't have one properly kitted and engineered.  On the other hand, I do have a Phantom fully engineered for exploration that I could transfer parts from. I'd lose about 8-9 LY of jump range, which doesn't sound much once you're capable of almost 60 LY, but could be 400-600 extra jumps over the length of the expedition.

I don't have to decide whether to bring the MkII or the Phantom to Beagle until we get to Sag A*, but even if I don't bring it across the galaxy, a medium-sized, maneuverable multirole like the MkII seems pretty well suited to operating out of Colonia.

I'm off to see about meeting some of the local engineers before I make my way back to the fleet at Polo Harbour.  It never hurts to have extra contacts.

CMDR Amara Raemeus
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