Logbook entry

Jav Marlo / 11 Feb 3305


11 FEB 3305 Shepard Shallows (Clooku EW-Y C3-197)

This is commander Jav Marlo, recording this log onboard the Hyperion, on route to the Rusty Net Nebula in system Skaude AL-X e1-28.

Jav Marlo onboard the Hyperion recording a log

I have been surfing the GalNet News database for the last hours looking for information about the Conflux Delta Site. The extracts of the registers of the settlement still haunt my mind. According to the logs, it seems that some ship was launched on a secret mission thirty five years ago. That was before the actual Frame Shift Drive technology, so it must have taken them several months to come this far from the Bubble. That was a very risky enterprise on that time. They had problems with their hyperdrive. Somehow they arrived to system PRU AESCS NC-M D7-192 and the massive gravity of the neutron star there pulled them in and cooked their ship. They jettisoned their logs and I presume that the survivors built the Conflux Delta Site. They probably were responsible too for deploying the unregistered comms beacon I saw on the system. Its purpose was probably to inform about the demise of the expedition and the position of the campsite, but its message was cyphered. How much secret a mission can be to cypher a SOS beacon? Or maybe it was not a SOS beacon.

This is what I have find the GalNet News database of my ship so far: In NOV 3302, the Federal astrocartography department issued a public request for exploration data. They were looking for information regarding the configurations of systems in a radius of two hundred light years of three very specific points in Hawkin’s Gap, the Conflux and the Formidine Rift regions. One of this systems was PRU AESCS DL-W C15-37, which is very close to PRU AESCS NC-M D7-192. The Tau Ceti Crimson Legal Solutions volunteered to coordinate the Federal Operation. Meanwhile, the mysterious organization known as The Children of Raaxxla issued an identical request claiming the data will be used to prove the innocence of their leader, Kahina Loren, also known as Salomé.

Jav Marlo on the cockpit of the Hyperion reading GalNet News

That was it! Salomé again. I cannot keep her out of my mind since I first heard how they talked about her in Darnielle’s Progress. And then again the miners of Hind Mine told me a hundred times about the mission that lead to her utterly death and how thousands of commanders rallied to try to protect her. Such a religious devotion. In every place, when someone talked about her I could read in their eyes that they will be willing to die for her.

I have been looking for information too about the Children of Raxxla in the GalNet News database. It seems that most of the independent pilots sided with the Children and delivered large quantities of astronomical data to their base of Sereborv Terminal. The Federation was not very happy about the disarray of their exploration programme and accused the Children of manipulating the galactic community. The Empire went further and accused the Children of being criminals and proposed that they should be deal with.

Some weeks later a spokesperson of the Children of Raxxla released some information based on the exploration data about a massive undertaking comprising a fleet deployed to install a series of beacons in the regions of Hawkin’s Gap, the Conflux and the Formidine Rift. They said that Salomé knew about the importance of these sectors. The mission was called “The Dinasty Project”.

A year later, a group of the Tionisla system that call themselves the Hamsters said that they have found a hidden message in one of the beacon modulator wave harmonics, adding even more confusion to the whole issue.

The message was a rhyme:

The river to the underworld
Gaia’s daughter all unfurled
Fourth minor bear in vain
By viper’s sting was slain
Also known as Nemesis
The doom of Chimera
She is tasked with soothing pain
Suckling Odysseus from afar
Mother of the mother of
Leader of the Titans
He transformed into a hawk
A daughter of Daedalion’s
The piercer was how he was known
Mother of Ulysses
Ruler of the winds
God of night, primordial flees
Zeus’ namesake now lies in Sol
Achilles’ favoured horse
Women of vengeance infernal
The vain queen rides not forth
A final word, a course to follow, a poor miser’s sum
If you would understand it all, seek Fibonacci’s Zephyrum

A combined effort of the Hamsters and The Children of Raxxla was able to decode this message that pointed to the Syreadiae JX-F c0 system in the so-called Formidine Rift. Travelling to the system, pilots discovered a huge bulk cruiser called the Zurara. The ship’s logs painted a haunting picture, indicating that the ship’s crew sabotaged the vessel before killing themselves. The Zurara had been adrift in the system ever since. I have to go there when I return and see it by myself.

Days after the discovery of the Zurara Salomé was killed and became even more legendary.

I was so distracted with the story of the Conflux Delta Site that I almost crash with the neutron star in the middle of the Rusty Net Nebula. That would have been quite ironic, after knowing what happened to them.

The Hyperion in the Rusty Net Nebula (Skaude AL-X e1-28)


Resuming log. The Rusty Net Nebula is created by a neutron star in system Skaude AL-X e1-28, very close to the Colonia Connection Highway. It is very visually striking due to the deep red stellar remnant that gives it its name. Along with the neutron star there is a G class secondary with two life bearing waterworlds and two rocky terraformables.

I surfed the neutron star for a boost and headed to the Fish Eye Nebula in system Flyiedgai ST-R e4-8, a slight detour before going to Sacaqawea Space Port.

On the way, I continued exploring every system while searching in the GalNet News database for information about the Zurara. It seems that, in April 3303, a similar starship called the Lycaor was found in the Alaunus system. The article says that before the development of faster-than-light travel, colonizing distant star systems depended on vast interstellar arks known as generation ships. There are believed to be more than seventy thousand of these ships in the galaxy, the location of many of which is not known. Tragically, after accessing the Lycaor’s medical logs it appears that the crew was killed by an unidentified pathogen many centuries ago. Another expedition with a creepy end!

Regarding the Dinasty Project, I could not find many more information in the GalNet News database. I will have to dig deeper when I land in any station. But I found two very interesting entries in the Codex. The first one was about the legend of Raxxla. There is no consensus about what Raxxla is, it has been suggested that it could be a planet, an unremarkable moon or just a state of cosmic enlightenment.  The legends on Raxxla even mentions an alien artifact, the Omphalos Rift, that is described as a gateway through which parallel universes could be accessed. The only clear thing is that the legend of Raxxla has lured adventurers and treasure seekers for centuries, and generates all kind of conspiracy theories.  

Jav Marlo on the cockpit of the Hyperion studying the Codex

The second entry was more unsettling. It talked about a mythical group of adventurers, explorers, investigators and treasure hunters which existence has never been corroborated and that are somehow connected to the legend of Raxxla. They are known as the Dark Wheel, because it is believed that they operate from a station which toroid is kept with minimal power output, hence dark, to avoid detection, from there their name, but this place has never been found. The entry also says that there is a group by the name of the Dark Wheel in the Shinrarta Dezhra, but it is not clear if they are real or just opportunistic imitators. Anyway, Shinrarta Dezhra is just accessible for Elite pilots and out of my reach.

Conspiracies, mysteries and misinformation. Nothing of this answers my questions.

Who were the people that participated in this so called Dinasty Project? What was their mission? Why so much secrecy? And the most important, why Erimus Kamzel and Dr. Kaii had chosen the Conflux Delta Site as the campsite for the expedition? What was the point of luring so many commanders there? Was that casual, or they wanted to expose something? We have been jumping from nebula to nebula, like the old time explorers and, suddenly, they ask us to camp in a place with such a dark story.

The Hyperion on its way to the Fish Eye Nebula

I feel like if my head is going to explode. I need to rest. I am close to the Fish Eye Nebula but, wait, I have seen a landable high metal content world with 0.7 gravity here, in system Skaude AS-Y C2-40. That would be perfect.

The Hyperion landed in Skaude AS-Y C2-40 A 1

Resuming log. The Fish Eye Nebula is the apparent remnant of a supernova; all bodies inside the nebula are only two hundred fify six million years old. The nebula contains a neutron star, two main-sequence stars, and a host of smaller bodies. A waterworld, with life, can be found in orbit between the two stars and is unusual given the young age of the system.

The Hyperion in the Fish Eye Nebula (Flyiedgai ST-R e4-8)

I took profit of the boost provided by the neutron star and headed for the nearby Flyiedgai Nebula.

The Hyperion heading for the Flyiedgai Nebula

On the way, I searched about the Conflux Delta Site in the Galactic Mapping Project database in hope that it contained more information than that revealed in the GalNet News. It said that the unregistered comms beacon I found was part of a net of several navigational beacons in the regions of Hawkin’s Gap, the Conflux and the Formidine Rift set to provide the planetary location of several settlements. These settlements turned out to be staging posts for the mysterious Dinasty Expedition that had traversed the location three decades earlier and had set up bases there. Well, at last some concrete information about the sites! The database provides too the location of the other sites. I took mental note to visit them when able. I want to hear what it is in their logs. And, furthermore, the Galactic Mapping Project database said also who was the spokesperson of the secretive Children of Raxxla, a commander by the name Alesia Verdi. I took mental note of that name too.

The Flyiedgai Nebula in system Flyiedgai UL-C d13-41 is small, but turned out to be a mesmerizing place with its pink and red halo and four stars. Two of them orbit very close one to the other and cast a beautiful light on the nebula that I found very soothing.

The Hyperion in the Flyiedgai Nebula in system Flyiedgai UL-C d13-41

My next destination was the nebula known as Ellaisms Remnant. It was quite a trip because I use to explore in deep every system I jump. While I was flying from one body to another in order to map them I read everything that was in GalNet News database about Salomé. From the conflict of the Prism system, that nearly caused a war between the Empire and the Federation, to her posterior reclamation of her rights as a senator. After that moment, she gained constant presence in the news. I read about all her diplomatic voyages. All the perils she faced on that trips and how, even then, commanders of all kind of allegiances offered to follow and protect her in all her endeavors. She inspired loyalty, and her popularity and presence in the news matched that of princess Aisling Duval herself.  She was Lady Kahina Tijani Loren then, an imperial senator. It is said that she escaped a hardened gang of freedom fighters and faced down a notorious pirate lord. It is also said that she colluded with these terrorists to murder her family so she could become a senator. I also read about rumors of her slaughtering her mentor, and that she did that with a sword, for more details. Many sworn her loyalty, particularly those disaffected by the politics of powers of the core worlds; while these same powers accused her of being bloodthirsty, selfish and a manipulative individual who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, whatever they were. There are some pictures of her too. Well, she was beautiful and charismatic, that is for sure.

I was reading about all this life of turmoil when I reached a system, Skaudai OE-T c6-13, with an Earth like world. It was very tiny, just one quarter the size of Earth, but it was close to the Colonia Connection Highway, so a suitable candidate for future colonization, thus I took a closer look.

The Hyperion exploring Skaudai OE-T c6-13 AB 2

I needed a rest, so I decided to stop at the first opportunity. A couple of jumps later I arrived to system Skaudai RP-R c7-9, where I found a tiny rocky body with a tenth of the gravity of Earth and lots of volcanic activity. I landed on a field of fumaroles. Time to sleep.

The Hyperion in Skaudai RP-R c7-9 2 A


Resuming log. Back on track to Ellaisms Remnant. Almost there. I read in the Galactic Mapping Project database that it is a typical double-lobed blue planetary nebula surrounding a neutron star that was the result of a supernova approximately two hundred ninety six million years ago. The fourth planet is waterworld, so life has managed to survive through this cataclysm.

The Hyperion in Ellaisms Remnant (Ellaisms QX-U e2-43)

I can see in the scanner that the waterworld is ringed. I have never seen one like this, so I approach to take a closer look.

The Hyperion exploring Ellaisms QX-U e2-43 2

My next destination is known as The Collection of Wonders. Catchy name! I resume course and soon I find another treasure. It seems that system Skaude IO-H c26-13 contains several high metal content worlds, most of them landable, a waterworld, an Earth like world and an icy body with a pristine ring; all of them orbiting a white-yellow scoopable star. What a prize!  I guess that the exploration of this system is going to make me a lot of money. As usual, I do a close reconnaissance flight around the ELW.

The Hyperion exploring Skaude IO-H c26-13 7

I am back on course to the Collection of Wonders in system Skaude AA-A h294 and back too to the GalNet News database looking for more clues about Salomé and The Children of Raxxla.

That it is! I think I have found something. The connection I was seeking. GalNet News says that Lady Kahina Tijani Loren disappeared for several months in 3302 to reappear on the other side of the galaxy “as if she were the patron saint of explorers”. That is how they say that. And, most important, this was during the original Distant Worlds Expedition. She referred to herself as Commander Salomé She even sent a transmission congratulating commanders Erimus Kamzel and Dr. Kaii for their achievement in leading such a colossal task. This confirms that she was there the first time! But, what is exactly her relation with commanders Erimus Kamzel and Dr. Kaii?

After that, her name, Salomé, was linked to several revolutionary organisations, including the Children of Raxxla, the Phoenix Group, the Dark Wheel and the Emperor’s Dawn. Soon it was revealed that she was indeed Lady Kahina Tijani Loren. At that time, her ship was attacked by unknown forces in the imperial Cemiess system and Salomé was presumably hijacked. Her last message was a call for the Children of Raxxla to be informed about the attack. In that message she claimed too that she had sensible information about the Rift, Hawkin's Gap and the Conflux, and that something in this regions was connected with the strange happenings in the Pleiades. I guess that the happenings in the Pleiades are referred to the appearance of the unknown artifacts that preceded the Thargoid invasion. Now we have the Thargoids as part of this mystery too!

And talking about the Thargoids, I do not feel comfortable at all about the idea of thousands of combat able commander leaving the Bubble precisely when it is being attacked by an alien invasion. Just for the record.

The Children of Raxxla, a very obscure organization on that time, became very notorious suddenly. The motive, according to GalNet, is that they tried to destabilize the imperial system of Cemiess in order to force the authorities to reveal the whereabouts of Salomé after the attack on her ship and posterior hijacking. One month later, the attempted assassination of Admiral Denton Patreus occurred and Salomé was accused of promoting it. That is very odd!

I think that is the point that marks the beginning of her demise. Stripped of her rank, she was submitted to a farce of a trial and found, of course, guilty. She had motives to want Patreus death, after all he took control over Prism system without her permission once the conflict with The Reclamists was ended.  The sentence was life imprisonment at Koontz Asylum in the Daibo system. A death sentence in fact, as no one has ever returned from there.

The Children of Raxxla response to the verdict was attacking senator Patreus flagship. The attack did not serve to free Salomé, but it was a blow to Admiral Patreus's ambitions to strengthen the Imperial fleet, exposing the battleships vulnerability to attacks from well organised independent forces. Some weeks before, admiral Patreus had declared his intention of building as many capital ships as possible. That caused the abolishing of the London Treaty, the agreement signed in 3302 by the Federation, the Empire and the Alliance to limit the tonnage for capital ships in each of their fleets that was meant for preventing an uncontrolled arms race.

Anyhow, as a result of all this actions the Children of Raxxla were marked as a terrorist organization. And that is when they made their request for exploration data of the systems in Hawkin’s Gap, the Conflux and the Formidine Rift regions, conflicting with the goals of the Federal astrocartography department and thus angering the Federation too. The Children claimed it was to prove the innocence of the group’s leader, Kahina Loren. The circle closes. They claimed that Salomé was their leader.

And that brings again to my mind the same questions: Why Erimus Kamzel and Dr. Kaii, who clearly have some relation with Salomé, chose the Conflux Delta site as campsite of the expedition? Was it by chance? Is this just a Journey of Discovery? Or are thousands of commanders being lured through the whole galaxy with a more hidden purpose?

Sunk in those dark thoughts I arrive to system Skaude AA-A h294 where I discover it is truly a Collection of Wonders. First of all, it contains two black holes. Second, it contains too a ringed M-class star, a ringed white dwarf, and a ringed neutron star. According to the Galactic Mapping Project database, the M-class star is one of the largest known stellar bodies containing a ring system, and a tourist beacon marks the best place to behold it.  

The Hyperion in the tourist beacon of the Collection of Wonders (Skaude AA-A h294)

The ringed neutron star was worth a visit too. With its massive gravity, the neutron star has created a huge ring of asteroids, the biggest I have ever seen.

The Hyperion approaching the neutron star of the Collection of Wonders (Skaude AA-A h294)

I wanted to fly among the asteroids, but I hesitated when I approached the ring. The incredible power of the neutron star makes the inner ring spin at a tremendous speed. I decided to take the risk and approached slowly holding my breath thinking that I could be crushed at any moment by a superfast travelling asteroid, when the gravity of the ring trapped me too and I found myself right over the asteroids that seemed to be floating gently while spinning around the star.

The Hyperion flying in the ring of the neutron star of the Collection of Wonders (Skaude AA-A h294)

I left The Collection of Wonders and headed for the next stop of the itinerary, system Skaudai AM-B d14-138. On the way, I finished reading in the GalNet News the sad conclusion of Salomé’s story. Despite the efforts of the Children of Raxxla to free her, Salomé was sent to Koontz Asylum in the Daibo system. And, when on route, somehow the prisoner convoy that was carrying her was interdicted and destroyed by unknown forces. No survivors were found. Even the scape pods and the black boxes were blasted. And, like that, Salomé disappeared without a trace. But not for long.

In March 3303, Salomé was identified as one of the perpetrators of a heist of meta-alloys in Darnielle’s Progress base in Maia system. Responding to the news, Imperial authorities promptly placed a galaxy-wide bounty on Salomé to the tune of five hundred thousand credits. After that, she presumably fled the core systems. Many commanders, including imperial pilots, defied the standing kill-on-sight order issued by the Empire and pledge their loyalty to Salomé.

In April 3303, a signal from the Col 70 Sector was detected by listening posts in both Federal and Imperial space. The message was not clear, but it appeared to pertain to some kind of rally point. Meanwhile, Federal and Imperial intelligence services confirmed that thousands of covert and coded messages were recently been transmitted in the vicinity of the Col 70 Sector. Something big was happening there, and the Imperial Intelligence thought that it was connected somehow to Salomé. The bounty on her raised to five million credits, an enormous sum of money for a fugitive. The news mention too two other fugitives that were, presumably working with Salomé: Tsu Annabelle Singh and Raan Corsen.

For the record, I have tried to lock the Col 70 Sector in the nav map and it says that this system is “permit only”. For some reason, the Pilots Federation does not want that any commander flies there.

And we come to the end of this story. It seems that Salomé tried to come back to the Bubble with her allies carrying some kind of secret vital message that she discovered in the Col 70 Sector. Hundreds of bounty hunters tried to shoot her down. Thousands of commanders rallied to protect her. And she found her demise in the Arumclaw system when the notorious commander Besieger obliterated her Imperial Clipper, The Seven Veils.

In the aftermath of these events, Salomé’s companions run away and remain at large today. The fleet gathered to defend her fell into disarray afterwards. The Children of Raxxla had remained very silent since then. And a transmission was detected in the Teorge system, leading to the discovery of a series of logs. The logs, which apparently date from 3275, contain nebulous assertions regarding a scheme from an unidentified super organisation to manipulate the Empire, the Federation and the Alliance.

Well. I guess that is as far as I can go at the moment. I can access in the memory banks of the Hyperion the GalNet News database, the Galactic Mapping Project database and the Codex, but to dig deeper in the GalNet I need to be landed on a station.

I have arrived to system Skaudai AM-B d14-138. The Galactic Mapping Project Database says that there are Guardian ruins here. Guardians! As far as I know, the Guardians were an alien humanoid species that became extinct two million years ago. Their first ancient ruins were discovered in 3302, and many more followed. In 3303, the engineer known as Ram Tah directed a research project that involved many commanders to decipher the data from the ruins, and he discovered many things about the history and the culture of the Guardians. Most of this information is in the Codex now. It also says that the Guardians were at war with the Thargoids at some moment of their history. I need to do more research on this when I am able. I have seen commanders of the expedition flying in hybrid human-guardian fighters. Some of even have performed guardian technology enhancements to their ships with the help of certain individuals called tech brokers. But first things first. Let’s scan this system and see what is on it.

The first thing I find is a notable stellar phenomena signal, so there I head. The system has a lot of bodies. In the rings of one of the gas giants I find a collection of purpureum and rubeum metallic crystals.

The Hyperion inspecting a notable stellar phenomena signal in Skaudai AM-B d14-138

Skaudai AM-B d14-138 AB 7, the moon with the Guardian ruins is very close. It is a tiny planetoid with just two thousand kilometers radius, but after mapping it I see that there are three different complexes of ruins on the surface. I choose one and land the Hyperion there. Other commanders of the expedition are wandering around too. The place is crowded with some kind of obelisk fields. Some of them can be scanned for data. There are also some kind of monoliths that emerge out of earth when I approach them. It seems that they keep some kind of artifact on top that casts a blue light.

Jav Marlo in his scarab observing a Guardian monolith in Skaudai AM-B d14-138 AB 7

I fly to the second ruins and observe that they are very close to a third complex of ruins. Upon arrival, I meet Commander Douchy. He approaches and greet me with his scarab. He tells me that he flies a Krait MKII called Elisabeth Bathory that has been improved with Guardian Technology to increase its jump range and gives me some clues about how to do it. I take mental note to try that once I came back to the Bubble.

Jav Marlo and Douchy meeting in Skaudai AM-B d14-138 AB 7

Before leaving, Douchy and I exchange the data of our ships beacons in case we want to meet again during the expedition.  

Commander Douchy departing on his Krait MK II from Skaudai AM-B d14-138 AB 7

I scan the active obelisks I find and head for the last location. I want to gather all the information I can from these obelisks. It seems that religious orders took over the Guardian’s society and exiled a group of them. These ruins, so far from other Guardian sites, are speculated to be final resting place of those exiles.

Jav Marlo exploring the resting place of the Guardian exiles (Skaudai AM-B d14-138)

Sacaqawea Space Port is very close, in the nearby Skaudai CH-B d14-34 system. The place is part of the Colonia Connection Highway and, according to the Galactic Mapping Project database, it is named after 'Sacagawea' of old Earth. She was a Lemhi Shoshone woman who helped the Lewis and Clark Expedition achieve each of its chartered mission objectives exploring the Louisiana Purchase. With the expedition, between 1804 and 1806 (old Earth years), Sacaqawea travelled thousands of miles from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean, established cultural contacts with the Native American populations, and researched natural history.

I land the Hyperion, ask the deck crews to check the ship and head for the nearest canteen.

The Hyperion landed in Sacaqawea Space Port (Skaudai CH-B d14-34)

I got up in one rented room in Sacaqawea Space Port with a little bit of hangover. First thing I did was going to the Universal Cartographics office to deliver my exploration data. It was worth more than ninety two million credits. They informed too that I had been awarded the rank of Elite in exploration by the Pilots Federation. That sobered me up. I am Elite now! That means I can access to Shinrarta Dezhra. Amazing! It seems that I also earned some kind of silver award for my efforts in the field of exploration, but I could not collect it there. I could not believe it. All this money and renown opens a new world of possibilities for me. Exulting, I departed Sacaqawea Space Port to continue with the expedition but, before that, I searched in the GalNet through the base looking for more information about Salomé and the Children of Raxxla and downloaded everything I found, that was not much, into the Hyperion’s memory banks. I wanted to continue digging in the mystery of the Conflux Delta Site and its connection with Children and Salomé.

My next stop was the Hammer Nebula. According to the Galactic Mapping Project database, the Hammer Nebula sits in the Peae Ain area, one thousand light years above the path between The Bubble and Colonia. It has a T-shaped pattern of purples, blues and blacks, and contains a plethora of stars, most main sequence and capable of refueling. The glowing purples and blues of the nebula serve as a stark contrast to the darker gases that give the nebula its hammer like appearance, from a certain point of view.

The Hyperion in the Hammer Nebula (Preae Ain VU-V c3-23)

From there, there was quite a trip to system Eodgorph PI-T e3-21 and the Spear Thistle Nebula. I tried to use that time to dig more in the mystery surrounding the Children of Raxxla and the death of Salomé, but the information I found in the GalNet when landed on Sacaqawea Space Port is very confusing. I have read that the INRA’s mission to defeat the Thargoids using the mycoid virus and the Dinasty Project may be connected. I remember reading about the scandal when the INRA’s outposts were discovered. And then, we had the terrorist attacks of the League of Reparation, murdering dozens of people that were descendants of the INRA operatives. How can they be linked? Some people claim that the Children of Raxxla are just a group of independent pilots fighting for freedom and peace, that their only mission is to discover the mysteries of the galaxy and expose them for the benefit of all citizens. Many calls them terrorists. And some go even further and accuse them of being Thargoid lovers. The same happens with Salomé. She is considered a saint in some circles, a martyr that died for a greater cause, and some others call her a warmonger terrorist that only wanted to destabilize the galaxy. And there is vast unprecise information about conspiracies and cabal groups that may be manipulating the Federation, the Empire and the Alliance. And there are the aliens too. The Thargoids are invading The Bubble and recently we discovered the Guardian ruins too. There is a faction called the Cannon Research Group that is providing tons of information regarding the Thargoids and the Guardians. Most of it has been added to the Codex. I am afraid that is too much to handle for me. I do not know what to believe. I need to focus in what I know or what I have seen.

I have jumped into a very interesting system. Preae Ain AB-W d2-197 contains seventeen ringed bodies. One of them is a terraformable waterworld. It is halfway to Colonia and the Bubble, and very near to Sacaqawea Space Port, so I guess it could be an attractive place for a mining colony in the future.

System Preae Ain AB-W d2-197

I have arrived to the system Eodgorph PI-T e3-21 in the Spear Thistle Nebula. According to the Galactic Mapping Project database, this purple planetary nebula is centred on a black hole. The low mass of the black hole makes it possible to experience lensing effects while travelling under normal propulsion. Combined with the bluish-purple background and the view towards the nearby Octopus Nebula this makes for quite a scenery. I drop out of supercruise and see how the black hole distorts the light reflected by the nearby stars and the Octopus Nebula.

The Hyperion experiencing the lensing effect of the black hole in the Spear Thistle Nebula (Eodgorph PI-T e3-21)

I am on route now to the system Prua Phoe TK-M d8-36 in the Octopus Nebula, trying to recap what I have learn from all this digging in the old news records. I think that is clear that there is a connection between Salomé and the Distant Worlds original expedition. Salomé was the former leader of the Children of Raxxla. The Conflux Delta Site and the other sites linked to the Dinasty Project were discovered thanks to the efforts of hundreds of independent pilots that rallied to the call of the Children of Raxxla and Salomé. Based in all this, I think that there may be a connection between our mysterious leaders, commanders Erimus Kamzel and Dr. Kaii, with the Children of Raxxla. And furthermore, based on everything I have been reading, I think that I have been making the wrong questions, that the most important questions would be: Who ordered the Dinasty Project mission? What is the connection of the Dinasty Project with the unknown artefact and the Thargoids? Was the secret Salomé was trying to disclose when she was killed related to the Dinasty Project? What there is in the Col 70 Sector system? And did Salomé know who ordered the Dinasty Project?

I need to reflect on all this and decide what to do next. I have arrived to the Octopus Nebula. According to the Galactic Mapping Project database, this Red and White nebula is best characterized by its tendril like hydrogen clouds, which wrap themselves like tentacles around a large white core. It's location between Colonia and The Bubble makes for a great roadside pit stop as the main sequence stars here are plentiful. I need to sleep for a couple of hours before continuing. I do not land on this occasion. I just walk using the mag boots to my bunk and lay on there, floating on zero gravity.

The Hyperion in the Octopus Nebula (Prua Phoe TK-M d8-36)


The time for the big decisions has come. I am on route to system Clooku EW-Y C3-197, near the Llyn Tegid Nebula, where the base camp of the fleet is, and I feel tempted to abandon the expedition and head back to the Bubble. On one hand, my first motivation to come on this trip was to achieve the rank of Elite in exploration and thus gain access to Shinrarta Dezhra and Lori Jameson, and that I have already. Furthermore, now I have the resources to invest in a bigger and more able ship and resume the quest to know what happened to my father. I have access now too to Selene Jean, which means that I am one less step to meet Bill Turner and, maybe, discover why professor Palin warned me about him. On the other hand, this expedition is fulfilling my dreams of exploring the galaxy. I guess it comes from family. My father was an explorer before his disappearance in the Merope system years ago. And any time I discover something new, unique or strange on this expedition I experience a feeling of proud that is becoming quit addictive. I guess I will decide when I arrive to the fleet campsite.

I think I will be late for the release of the next waypoint. I am very near to the Clooku EW-Y C3-197 sytem, but I have found a system, Prua Phoe AC-J d10-1586, with two water giants, and I have never seen one of those, so a closer look is mandatory. The evaporated ice of the thick atmosphere creates incredible huge whirlwind storms. The planet has more than one hundred thirty six Earth masses and a gravity of near nine times Earth’s.

The Hyperion inspecting Prua Phoe AC-J d10-1586 11

I made it finally to the fleet camp site in the Llyn Tegid Nebula. According to the Galactic Mapping Project database, it is a wondrous blue planetary nebula that is illuminated by a neutron star and a class F Star in combination. It was named after Llyn Tegid, the original Welsh name for Lake Bala in Wales, a place rich in folklore and legends. When I arrived, the next waypoint had recently been released, and I can see many commanders gathering to start the next stage of the expedition. I think I will find no one landed at the basecamp. It seems that Distant Worlds 2 is heading to Polo Harbour, very close to Colonia.

Jav Marlo landed in Shepard Shallows basecamp of the Distant Worlds 2 expedition in the Llyn Tegid Nebula (Clooku EW-Y C3-197)

This is commander Jav Marlo, registering this log onboard the Hyperion, landed in Shepard Shallows, basecamp of the Distant Worlds 2 expedition in the Llyn Tegid Nebula. I have decided to go on with this trip. I feel that I am becoming a better pilot and explorer by the days. It has been just four months since I qualified to be a Commander of the Pilots Federation, and I thought then that my life would consist on transporting cargo from one remote outpost to another. Who would have imagined all the adventures I have lived since that moment? And Distant Worlds 2 expedition is the biggest adventure of all. I am determined to go till the end. Who knows what can I discover on the way? I have promised myself that I will go back to the Bubble and finish what I started. I will discover what happened to my father. But I am an explorer now. A true one. I have become part of the Elite of exploration. It is my duty to unfold the mysteries of the galaxy, and there are so many of them. I have received the call of the black. And I am going to follow it.

Jav Marlo signing out.
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14 Oct 3305
Jav Marlo
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SLAVE TRADE - Epilogue
Jav Marlo
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Jav Marlo
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Jav Marlo
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