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Jovi_1981 / 11 Feb 3305
DW 2 Log 3

What a buffoon I am! I have been struggling to keep up with the fleet due to the previously mentioned "space madness" (real life commitments), but a stroke of genius finally touched the soft insides of my hard head: neutron highway! Even though I have never visited Colonia, every explorer worth his or her salt knows about the supercharging neutron stars that dot the route from the Bubble to Colonia, and after FleetCom came through with the route to the next Waypoint, I decided to input the option into my navigation computer and give it a go. Within no time, the Destiny was leaving Gagarin Gate and heading toward Polo Harbour. On the way, I decided to stop off in the Blaa Phoe NC-D d12-230 system (Death Spiral). What a sight that was to see!

The plan now is to use the rest of this week to scout the geography around the basecamp so that I may try and organize an SRV event for the "Blue Squad" (PS4 explorers) for this Friday night. For now, enjoy the view.

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11 Feb 3305
DW 2 Log 3
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