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Droges / 12 Feb 3305
Journal entry2. Hello drink

Dearest Journal,

I am not sure why I enter these notes.  Should I send them to the abyss for some person to stumble across after they recover my black box and dead carcass floating in space?  I don't know but it helps me cope with the quiet space and solitude that I am experiencing right now.
Sure I will send it out.

Carrying on from my private entry yesterday, I did recover the construction components from a crashed site on an ice planet near Frigaha.  After a near catastrophic pilot error coming into the planet for a landing yesterday, it was a complete success and an easy 200k creds that I expected.  Note to self, do not engage the ship to run in silent mode.  How did I hit that switch on anyway?

I am now at the space station Woley or so I thought it was called, I have no idea.  I am glad I have the computer navigation to assist or I would be surely lost.  I am going to take a few days break from my variety of missions.  Drink a few, maybe get 'friendly' with a lady of the night if you know what I am saying?

After, some gal from the Cleve hub said to come talk to her about mining after I properly equip a ship.  I think I will do that next.  I did buy my dolphin ship but I haven't even taken it out of the hanger.  Sure looks pretty, for a passenger ship, that is.

Anyway all that is important right now is this drink and then the next one, and the next.. so on..
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CMDR Droges
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23 Mar 3305
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23 Feb 3305
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22 Feb 3305
In over my head
10 Feb 3305
Starting Out
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